April 19, 2021


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Esports – Valorant Weapon Guide – The Vandal

The Vandal

The Vandal

Vandal is one of the most versatile weapons in Valorant, but how do you become a rifle master? We break down everything you need to know about weapons.

The Vandal – Range is Not a Problem

The Vandal

Unlike Phantom, Vandal is a rifle that can be flexibly used from any distance. It doesn’t matter whether you press a weapon directly into the opponent’s temple or shoot a shot from afar. The hard thing is the damage because it is not a sniper that almost guarantees a kill. Those who do not hit the head will have to shoot more bullets than necessary.

Damage, fire rate, spray pattern

As mentioned, its damage is only critical in the head area. Here, one shot is enough and the opponent dies (unless we’re talking heavy armor). If you don’t hit the head, the damage is greatly reduced: While one shot in the head deals 156 damage, one shot to the body deals only 39 damage, one shot in the leg deals 33 damage.

It takes 4 shots on the body to destroy and we are optimistic here. That’s much, considering Vandal attracts a lot of attention while filming because of the noise it causes. And don’t forget, it’s much slower as well.

It has a rate of fire of 9.25 shots/sec and 8.32 when you use the zoom. In addition, there is a somewhat confusing shot: After the first two bullets, the barrel of the gun immediately points upward. After the fifth bullet, the barrel began to move to the side – making it difficult for multiple consecutive hits. After that, it turned left and right repeatedly following its spray pattern.

Vandal Strategies

This gun is not the perfect weapon for players who like to hide or ambush opponents. The photos are simply too large for that. This weapon should be used for aggressive, albeit well-thought-out movements – preferably after some training in the practice area, as the shooting pattern is somewhat complicated. Attackers with experience with map awareness will have a lot of fun with it. Although the gun is a single-taped beast at a long distance, getting close enough can often put you in a dilemma due to its lower fire rate. If you’ve played CS: GO then Vandal is the closest Valorant weapon to the AK-47.

When should you buy the Vandal?

The Vandal

With 2,900 credit points, weapons are definitely not cheap, but not too expensive either. In any case, it gives you all the firepower you need in any given ring. Perfect for regular buying rounds, where you’re sticking to the plan to get started with weapons. However, in the first rounds, it’s risky to put your money on it and even worse risk your enemies taking it.

The best agents for the gun

Since the Destroyer is difficult to handle and designed for aggressive gameplay, agents should be chosen to bring calm when playing. We would especially like to recommend Sage, as she is known for her passive playstyle and is excellent in hand-to-hand matches, which Vandal fits well into. Other good options are the usual suspects Sova and Cypher as they can get more information about the enemy’s location. This allows you to be better prepared for your target positioning.