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Eternal Fire vs ECSTATIC Prediction – REPUBLEAGUE Playoffs – 11/16

Eternal Fire vs ECSTATIC Prediction

Eternal Fire vs ECSTATIC prediction on November 16, 2021. Changing the name but not replacing any members turned out to be the right decision of ECSTATIC. The FASHR hya Daffu were all in high form combined with other members to have the best form.

Eternal Fire Overview

Eternal Fire vs ECSTATIC Prediction

Excellently defeated by Virtus.pro 2-1 in the round of 16, Eternal Fire proved to be worthy of standing in this quarter-final. But their opponent was quite strong when they had to face ECSTATIC. The opponent is not only superior in terms of rankings but also has respectable performance. Experts predict that Eternal Fire will only stop at this quarter-final, not even having an honorary game in this match.


Eternal Fire vs ECSTATIC Prediction

ECSTATIC is a new team that changed their name when they were previously Lyngby Vikings. But that does not affect too much when ECSTATIC is ranked 20th in the world rankings. Not only that, the current performance is worth noting when it won 8 victories. The remaining 2 were lost in the last 10 matches, it can be seen that ECSTATIC’s entire team is in uniform form, so a win is not too difficult.

Eternal Fire vs ECSTATIC Prediction

Having a squad that understands each other after many seasons of fighting helps ECSTATIC reap continuous sweet fruits, as evidenced by their climbing to 20th place in the world. Meanwhile, Enteral Fire, apart from the victory over Virtus.pro, did not do anything significant. 

The statistics of the last 10 matches they only won 2 victories, the remaining 8 defeats. Depending too much on XANTARES makes this team lose their head when this player is not at his best. Or break up easily when the opponent plays a bomb to change lives with XANTARES.

Eternal Fire vs ECSTATIC Prediction

Looking at the ban/pick phase, there are not many doors for Eternal Fire to surprise in this match. They were outnumbered by the opponent in terms of win rate in many maps. Except for Dust 2, which is a forte map, Eternal Fire has no better choice than the opponent. But this map will definitely be banned by ECSTATIC as the first choice. In the opposite direction, Eternal Fire was forced to respond with a ban on Vertigo, when ECSTATIC shot 29 times, it achieved a win rate of up to 90%. 

But that doesn’t make  ECSTATIC worry much, they still have Inferno or Ancient are maps that are far ahead of the opponent in terms of win rate. In fact, Eternal Fire has an Overpass as the most likely choice. Their win rate is on par with the opponent with 67% with the same 12 last shots. Of course, this is also the only option of this team, there is no other map that is more possible. But if you look at the current performance, the possibility of defeat for Eternal Fire in this map is inevitable.

Eternal Fire vs ECSTATIC Bet Prediction

Eternal Fire vs ECSTATIC total score prediction:

  • Game 1: Eternal Fire 0-1 ECSTATIC
  • Game 2: Eternal Fire 0-1 ECSTATIC

Total score 0-2 (ECSTATIC wins the handicap 1.5)

First 5 rounds:

  • Game 1: Eternal Fire
  • Game 2: ECSTATIC

Total rounds:

  • Game 1: Eternal Fire 9-16 ECSTATIC (Under)
  • Game 2: Eternal Fire 7-16 ECSTATIC (Under)


Eternal Fire: XANTARES, imoRR, woxic, Calyx, xfl0ud

ECSTATIC: FASHR, birdfromsky, Daffu, WolfY, maNkz