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Eternal Return Guide – Tips And Tricks For Beginners

Eternal Return

Eternal Return is a Moba, Battle Royale, and survival game where Cherry picks the best features from all genres into one immersive, immersive experience. Players have a wide range of characters to choose from, all with unique play equipment and there’s plenty to do when in the field. With all these factors in place, the game can be overwhelming for new players.

Play The Tutorial

Eternal Return 2

Many players tend to skip tutorials if they have played similar games before. Since Eternal Return combines elements from popular genres like Mobas, Royales Battle, and Survival, it’s appealing to players who think they know enough to jump straight in.

However, don’t underestimate how useful this step can be. The guide will help players get a feel for the game and the unique features (like the console) that distinguish this title from other games. It’s also not long and it unlocks different characters, so it’s worth playing through before jumping into a game.

Main A Character First

Eternal Return 1

New players have the best chance of success by choosing a character as their “main”. By choosing a character to play regularly, that particular character’s mechanics become second nature. This allows the player to then do their own map and macro awareness as they are already comfortable with the character they have chosen.

After becoming comfortable with the main player, a new player can learn a lot by diversifying their character pool and trying out different test subjects. By playing as different characters, gamers will gain a better understanding of each versus other. As the League of Legends beginner champions, Eternal Return features characters that have a simple set that newer players can pick up immediately.

Move Swiftly – Eternal Return

From the start of the game, all players will be roaming around farming the map and scavenging to build items. New players must try to match this speed quickly, farming and scavenging to ensure they are equipped to handle the battles. This is part of all Decent Battle Royale games.

Since skill level variables like macros are likely to be lower in newer players, it’s important that they don’t under control and lag on items when combat begins. Roaming around areas, quickly scavenging things, and always keeping an eye on whether an item can be built is key to managing inventory space. Skill comes with experience, so practice is key.

Finish Weapon First – Eternal Return

Eternal Return

Finishing a weapon ASAP is the most important thing for any character across any playstyle. By ensuring the weapon is completed, players will be able to defend against opposing characters who may try to get an early kill. It also provides the chance to kill other players who haven’t completed their weapons yet.

Finishing a weapon is simple enough: it involves roaming the map, scavenging for items, and then crafting. It doesn’t matter how stacked a player is with food items, attack speed, and damage if there is no weapon to channel that power with. All battle royale games for beginners emphasize the importance of finishing items such as weapons, so players with BR experience should be familiar with this concept.