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Elden Ring guide – Every Elden Ring class explained

Elden Ring class

The best Elden Ring classes can dramatically change your early game experience and help jump-start building the character of your dreams, but like classes in the Dark Souls game, they’re more of a starter set. more than anything. Your choice of Elden Ring class determines your initial gear and stats, but it doesn’t lock you out of any particular playstyle or gear.

Warrior – Elden Ring class

Elden Ring Warrior starts with two scimitars that can be dual used for powerful combo attacks. You also have a lock for parrying and some light armor. With high dexterity and durability, Warrior is one of the more mobile and versatile character classes, favoring melee skills and weapons rather than magic.

Elden Ring class

Starting stats:

  • Level 5
  • Vigor 12
  • Mind 10
  • Endurance 13
  • Strength 11
  • Dexterity 15
  • Intelligence 9
  • Faith 7
  • Arcane 10

Starting Items, magic, and weapons: Buckler, Two Scimitars

Enchanted knight

The Wizarding Knights of the Elden Ring class have a powerful shield, detailed silver armor, a trusty winged spear, and two powerful wizards – Glintstone Pebble bullet and Carian Piercer lance attack. This class has high strength and intelligence, making it a great starting class for spellcasters and enchantment swordsmen.

Starting stats:

  • Level 5
  • Vigor 10
  • Mind 13
  • Endurance 11
  • Strength 15
  • Dexterity 12
  • Intelligence 16
  • Faith 5
  • Arcane 5

Starting Items, magic, and weapons: Carian Piercer, Winged Spear, Carian Sorcerer Staff, Carian Glintstone Shield, Glintstone Pebble.

Prophet – Elden Ring class

With rough armor and a simple wooden staff, Elden’s Ring Oracle might not look like much, but it comes with two incredibly powerful spells and a catalyst to create them. The Heal spell allows you to turn FP into HP, and the Beast Claw spell is devastating to groups of enemies. This class has a lot of FP and high Faith.

Starting stats:

  • Level 5
  • Vigor 9
  • Mind 16
  • Endurance 10
  • Strength 12
  • Dexterity 9
  • Intelligence 8
  • Faith 16
  • Arcane 7

Starting Items, magic, and weapons: Clawmark Seal, Rickety Shield, Heal, Club, Beast Claw.


The Elden Ring class Champion is a barbarian of the Elden Ring. It begins with a battle axe, a fragile shield, and a catalyst that it can use to cast the Flame Dragon. Champion trades FP for higher Strength and Vitality, making it a tank that starts Faith which is more melee-friendly than Oracle.

Elden Ring class

Starting stats:

  • Level 5
  • Vigor 13
  • Mind 9
  • Endurance 12
  • Strength 14
  • Dexterity 8
  • Intelligence 5
  • Faith 15
  • Arcane 11

Starting Items, magic, and weapons: Red Thorn Roundshield, Battle Axe, Finger Seal, Dragonfire.

Bloody Wolf – Elden Ring class

With the best melee stats of the known Elden Ring classes, a damn sword with good range, and a solid set of armor, Bloody Wolf is one of the best duelists out there. This class will likely appeal to longtime Dark Souls fans because of its focus on close combat, with High Strength allowing you to wield heavier armor, weapons, and shields. You may find yourself stuck with ranged options, but that’s something some weapon skills can’t fix.

Elden Ring class

Starting stats:

  • Level 5
  • Vigor 14
  • Mind 11
  • Endurance 12
  • Strength 16
  • Dexterity 12
  • Intelligence 7
  • Faith 9
  • Arcane 6

Starting Items, magic, and weapons: Iron Roundshield, Bastard Sword