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Yone: Proves shows that Yone is the new assassin champion of LoL

Yone coming to League of Legend

Yone coming to League of Legend

After Lillia, Yone is the hottest name with a series of new evidence appearing in the game. Is Yone really a new assassin at League of Legends?


As Riot Games has recently confirmed, characters from the League of Runeterra (LoR) card game will have the opportunity to become champions in League of Legends. One of the outstanding names of LoR is Yone – Yasuo’s brother. And today, the community has been looking for quite a bit of evidence that Yone‘ll become the champion that will appear right after Lillia.

Complete lines of the new Thresh costume, including two sentences to Yone at 11:06 and 12:09. Details of Thresh’s two lines with Yone are as follows: “Worry not, Yone. Your little brother is safe with me, too” and “Yone, the eldest son overshadow by his younger brother?”. That is all audio evidence of Yone


Firstly, talking about the existence of the lines, this is the most convincing evidence that Yone will become a champion of League of Legend in the near future. Because the recent evidence is that the name Lillia also appeared a few days ago in the lines of League of Legend champions. The result is that today Lillia has been officially introduced by Riot.

Next, talking about the content of the dialogue, the community thinks that the champion has died like the plot (killed by Yasuo). He will return to League of Legend as a ghost or a zombie body hide.

The second is a leaked image of a dual-wield character, who looks very similar to the theme of Thresh’s Spirit Blossom costume, Yasuo, and many other generals. In the background, there are two characters fighting very similar to Yasuo and Yone. Especially the backsword is somewhat similar to the Spirit Blossom Yasuo’s sword. Except only the blue and pink on the blade.


In addition, Riot Games introduced three new champions of League of Legends, a dream jungler, an assassin, and a gunner. In particular, Lillia is the newly introduced jungler, with a champion wielding two swords. So it would be a bit absurd to become an ADC. Deducing the highest possibility that the champion is the new assassin champion of League of Legends.

Riot Games also shared the theme of Spirit Blossom costume is a pretty big theme. There will be many generals owning this costume in the future. In it, there are 2 new costumes of Riven and Kindred leaked in Lillia’s teaser also in the Spirit Blossom theme. With this information, the community guesses that Yasuo’s brother Yone may appear in the launch of Riven and Kindred’s new costumes in the near future.