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Evil Genius 2 Guide – Pro Tips That You Should Know

Evil Genius 2

It takes some strategy to be an effective criminal mastermind in Evil Genius 2. This part Tycoon strategy game features players managing an evil cave, executing vile schemes, and working with world domination.

Keep Evil Genius Busy

Evil Genius 2 2

Any one of the four evil geniuses in Evil Genius 2 makes a powerful ally to achieve world domination. Players keep them on the sidelines and let their greatest tool waste. Admittedly you should be careful using evil geniuses, as their deaths are an instant game over, but they can be used with care.

One strategy is to let them dip in and out of combat. They deal more damage than most minions and can give teams edge feedback in battle. Other uses include the previously mentioned executions to boost morale and mock or interrogate captured agents. At least keep them around working minions to lend their aura of influence, productive wonder.

Army Of Technicians – Evil Genius 2

Technicians are generally responsible for two things; Maintain equipment and support the construction process. The first responsibility is the main reason to have an army of technicians. A lot of things will break and if they don’t participate overall productivity will decrease, agents will last longer and fires will break out.

Having a technician on hand makes sure everything is in top shape and everything is as efficient as possible. Even in times of peace when nothing breaks, a technician will make sure everything gets built quickly, keeping efficiency high, two or even three dozen technicians is a great start.

Keep Fire Extinguishers

Evil Genius 2 1

There’s nothing worse than watching all those hard-earned golds rise in flames. Having multiple fire extinguishers near the Vault ensures the minions have a fair chance of minimizing how much property is lost.

This is especially important if you are using the evil genius red Ivan, his rocket launcher usually places objects on fire, although his main problem is activating the Doomsday H.A.V.O.C device. Once used it will cause different parts of the base to be bathed in flames, and Murphy’s laws usually target the vault.

Automate Agent Tagging – Evil Genius 2

While manually tagging each storm agent to the base is doable in the beginning, it gets tedious later on. There may be multiple agents or you may be busy with other things and may miss an agent here and there.

Fortunately, there is a line of intrusive protocol research that gives you the ability to automate agent tagging. Once unlocked, you can set up security zones that will flag any agent that enters them. Putting these into choke and entry points ensures that agents are always tagged without your input.

Multiple Incinerators

Evil Genius 2

As you progress in Evil Genius 2, you will encounter more and more invasions. They will usually result in multiple losses on both sides with base litter body bags. If these body bags build up too much, you will end up with a near-permanent mental deficit that if left unchecked. resulting in mass crowding and more body bags.

It is important to have multiple incinerators throughout the facility. Ideally, they should be located near areas where they tend to occur. This allows minions to remove multiple body bags at once and minimizes the corrosive effect on morale.