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Evil Geniuses vs OG Prediction – The International 10 – 10/09

Evil Geniuses vs OG Prediction

Evil Geniuses vs OG prediction on October 09, 2021. The previous two-season defending champion The International 8-9 was almost unable to get a ticket to The International 10 tournament. Although the journey was a bit difficult, in the end, the OG players did not disappoint the fans and won a place to attend the official group stage this time.

Evil Geniuses Overview

Evil Geniuses vs OG Prediction

Defeating 2 very strong opponents in Group A of The International 10, T1 and Team Aster, in the first 2 matches of the first day of competition. However, Evil Geniuses was unable to extend their winning streak to 3. 

Once again having to taste the bitter fruit in the match against the arch-rival from China, Invictus Gaming. The 0-2 defeat against this opponent also made Evil Geniuses close the first day of competition with 4 points and 4th place. 1 point behind the top 3 teams who have a better record with 2 wins and 2 wins. 1 loss was Virtus Pro, OG, and Invictus Gaming.

OG Overview

Evil Geniuses vs OG Prediction

Despite being the team that won the ticket in Europe to compete at The International 10, OG has proven that they are not an easy opponent to bully. At the end of the first day of the competition, OG had 2 wins against the North American opponent Thunder Predator. 

Against the defending European champion Alliance, OG’s only draw was against the heavyweight contender. At the top of the list is Virtus Pro – Champion of the CIS region. The next match against Evil Geniuses will be an extremely difficult match for OG. As their outcome will have a direct impact on the rankings and ambitions of both.

Evil Geniuses vs OG Prediction

Overall, Evil Geniuses is still a team with a higher-rated lineup. This will also be a bright name that is more likely to win in this match. Even though they just had to admit defeat to a formidable opponent, Invictus Gaming, the superstars playing for Evil Geniuses can still shine and bring victory to the home team.

Evil Geniuses vs OG Prediction

With a lot of changes in the roster and a slight decline in performance in the past year, OG is no longer an overrated team. However, with their experience and strength, the house believes that OG can still create a significant threat to the remaining opponents. Let’s wait and see if this time N0tail and his teammates can once again create surprises and bring uplifting moments to the audience and fans.

If Evil Geniuses takes a place in the top 4 on the leaderboard, they will be able to advance to the playoffs from the winning bracket. However, it is certain that there are many fierce competitors who will compete for this position with them. Let’s wait and see if the Evil Geniuses players with their very high form can get any achievements on the leaderboard after the group stage is over.

Evil Geniuses vs OG Bet Prediction

Evil Geniuses vs OG total score prediction:

  • Game 1: OG
  • Game 2: Evil Geniuses

Total score 1-1

First blood:

  • Game 1: OG
  • Game 2: Evil Geniuses

Total kills:

  • Game 1: Evil Geniuses 26-33 OG
  • Game 2: Evil Geniuses 35-17 OG

First Roshan:

  • Game 1: Evil Geniuses
  • Game 2: Evil Geniuses


Evil Geniuses: Arteezy, Cr1t-, Abed, iceiceice, Fly

OG: SumaiL, Saksa, Topson, Ceb, N0tail