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Expeditions: Rome Guide – Tips And Tricks For Beginners

Expeditions: Rome

Expeditions: Rome is a historical RPG that streamlines elements from games, with its campaign maps, and Divinity: Original Sin, with its tactical turn-based strategy and CRPG-style prison break, into an adventure that spans the vast lands of the Classic World.

Highlight mode

Expeditions: Rome

Here are another thing Expeditions: Rome left out to tell me and we discovered near the end of my conquest of Asia Minor, but you can press V to get the tick mode that will highlight everything. This will work in the underworld, the battles, and the exploration of the towns. This way the player can get every chest in every area, knowing which tiles are interactive and which are owned by the enemy.

It also brightens the map with pretty highlight colors, so that’s a plus. If you like the look of the map, you can turn it off and turn it on from time to time to check what you can interact with.

Almost every region has extra chests, with tons of rewards like good weapons to get early. Make sure to always check in on the available tick mode to see what you might be missing, and this will also prompt you to loot any corpses you don’t have yet.

Skill tree – Expeditions: Rome

Expeditions: Rome

We tend to dislike reading first in the skill tree. The idea that we’d be surprised with one of the following abilities has always been interesting to me, and plus, it’s hard not to get excited about very late game abilities and not knowing which one to pick first. This is probably one of the biggest mistakes we’ve made in the game.

We expected some of the strongest skills to be at the bottom of each tree, so we decided to blindly progress until the final skill was acquired. However, as we approach it, we discover that it’s not all that overwhelming and special… This is down to my main character.

So read ahead. If you like skills from two or more subclasses, perfect! Work towards them and get your sweet skills to be able to fight stronger during the war.

The baths ASAP – Expeditions: Rome

We didn’t understand the importance of morale in the game, so throughout our campaign, it was negative numbers. It wasn’t until we desperately needed the slaves and our army took them away from me after winning a war that we understood that we needed them to like us.

After building the bathhouse, use the Social praetor and make sure they rest there forever. This will raise troop morale by 4 every 32 hours. While that may sound like little, we went from -30 sanity to over 100 over the course of our campaign. And, knowing that we can count on morale to soar in just a day and a half, we can take on more adventurous levels that drain our sanity whenever we’re in a fight. legion battles.

Prepare for the final battle

Expeditions: Rome

At the end of each campaign in Expeditions: Rome, a final badass battle will occur where you will need to send several teams to complete different missions. This is why you want your praetorians to be as useful as possible with the custom abilities because you can’t fill every squad with all of your main characters and every single one of them. The object must be in good working order.

So make sure your teams have it all ready, some strong groups and members, with a good enough balance to form a worthwhile subgroup so the final battle doesn’t lock you up like they do we have happened.

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