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Faker help T1 up against Afreeca Freecs in the LCK summer 2020



T1 made mistakes in the first match against Afreeca Freecs, but with Faker’s talent, he was able to pull T1 out of trouble to win the LCK Summer 2020.

T1 defeated Afreeca Freecs in the 3rd round

The familiar scenario called “early unsteady season”, produced and staged by the reigning T1, the champions of  LCK tournament. Faker and his teammates entered their third match in the LCK Summer 2020 against Afreeca Freecs – the team is in a very high series with 2 consecutive victories.

And the evolutions in the first game really made fans of the 9-time LCK champion team continue to disturb. T1 was easily led by the rather silly mistakes of the duo Bottom Line Teddy – Effort. But it was fortunate that Effort himself had redeemed himself in the 2nd round before Faker turned on the “demonization” mod to finish Afreeca Freecs after 3 games.

The effort was the brightest star of T1 in 2nd round

It is no longer strange for T1 to have matches as uncertain as in the group stage, especially in the early stages of the season. Therefore, despite leading 1-0, Afreeca Freecs still proved quite cautious in the subsequent games.

T1 Fail in the 1st round cause mainly came from the movement of errors of Effort and Teddy. However, when the duo began to regain their spirits, the Afreeca Freecs could feel what a nightmare. T1 responded to the loss in the 1st match with the destruction of the 2nd round when they almost achieved a “perfect victory”. If Effort did not tank too much in the late game.

In the 3rd round, captain Faker took his turn with Azir performing to gain an S + score. Not only fulfilling his role in the road, but the Demon King also made fans admire extremely standard combo situations. There are no less than 2 spectacular escape situations in front of ganking 2 and 3 situations of Afreeca Freecs.

The victory of T1 is not enough for the fans in LCK

And in a day when Faker was in perfect condition, T1’s opponent seemed to already know his outcome. Afreeca Freecs was quickly destroyed in the next two games and received a final defeat 1-2.

The combo of Azir in Faker’s hand made viewers admire

Before the match, there were many opinions that T1 was one of the teams competing with Gen.G in the Top 1 position. Faker, Teddy, and his teammates are expected to shine in the match. this.

T1 is a team that is considered to be the seed of the LCK. Although frankly, Faker has never disappointed fans, along with teammate Teddy in the bot lane. The current competing for Best Support LCK – Effort. Of course, it is impossible not to mention that Cuzz along with Roach is also a member who has tried hard in T1.

The victory of T1 with Afreeca Freecs has helped T1 to be able to retain his current top position. Although Afreeca Freecs is a losing team, their position in the LCK tournament is not low.

However, the fans of T1 did not feel comfortable either, when they had to go through extremely stressful moments. Even Korean fans also expressed agreement with the view that if the LCK applied the Bo1 competition format, T1 would now be in the relegation race group. Because of the tradition of liking upstream and “condescend” the opponent in their 1st round.