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Faker said the reason why T1 lost to the LPL team

Faker in T1 uniform

Faker in T1 uniform

Faker still believes that the fact that they made so many mistakes is the reason why T1 lost to LPL teams in LCK Summer Split 2020

Correlation between the strength of LCK and LPL team

T1 recently had a relatively easy victory in the LCK Summer Split 2020 with their opponent Hanwha Life Esports. After this victory, Faker had an interview with the media. In this interview, Faker also talked about remarkable content that is interested in a lot of gamers, which is the strong relationship between the LCK team and LPL teams.

Accordingly, the reporter asked a question: “What have you summarized after the defeat at MSC (Mid-Season Cup)?”, Faker answered: “Instead of saying the opponent played better than us. I think the main reason for the failure was because we made too many mistakes. In fact, I don’t think the LPL teams and the  LCK team playstyle is too different. I think there won’t be any big changes in the style of play.”

Faker’s judgment has not changed so much as he always wants to fix his mistakes and help the  LCK team to return to his heyday. According to Faker, the playstyle of both regions is not too different. The factors related to distance still lie in people.

But for Deft, the captain of the DragonX team, made a completely different judgment when saying that the LPL teams currently have quite a lot of points completely out of  LCK teams: “I’m not comfortable losing to MSC (Miss-Season Cup). But after this defeat, we broke a lot from the losses. I think LPL teams are better at playing a variety of teams. But in the last friendly match, they were able to use a unique tactic throughout the tournament. LPL teams are really better than us, I have learned a lot from their choices. In addition to DRX, both DAMWON and Gen.G are gradually changing their playstyle, with the direction of each team being different.”

F1’s strategy lacks the diversity that makes mistakes – Faker

The current roster of T1 is currently considered as one of the most powerful organizations in the LCK team. The strength of this team does not seem to be inferior to any other team in terms of individuality. However, what T1 currently lacks is the diversity in their style of play. When there is no explosive handling of an individual.

Deft saw the strengths of LPL teams when they were able to change tactics and different squads. That change was run smoothly. It is also for this reason that the top-ranked teams of the LPL teams become more dangerous than ever. When interviewed with Korizon about the change of tactics of the teams, Deft absolutely did not mention T1.

Whether he also saw that his opponent did not have any changes in the gameplay. Or T1 really wants to keep his traditional, controlled play instead of finding a new direction for himself. Is T1’s management looking to raise the level of young stars in order to take this game to a new level? And from there to glory, just like it did in the past?