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Faker won in Week 2 of the LCK, ready to pick up the next opponent

Faker and his teammates at T1 at the post-match interview

Faker and his teammates at T1 at the post-match interview

After losing on an opening day, Faker and his teammates had consecutive convincing victories in the LCK Summer 2020.

Faker regained his form at the LCK Summer 2020

Faker of T1 started the journey to protect his throne was not smooth when they lost unfortunately to DragonX. Even the later 2-1 victory against Hanwha Life Esports or Afreeca Freecs came under extremely heartbreaking scenarios for the fans as being led, the opponent leveled the score. It was not until T1 beat Sandbox Gaming 2-0 that fans of Faker and friends got a chance to breathe.

After yesterday’s convincing match, Faker talked a lot about winning. How they will play this season, and the tactics they will use when meeting the next opponents. Regarding the emotions after the victory, Faker proved extremely satisfied with the juniors. Because they finally had a convincing Bo3 series – “We have a 3-match winning streak. And we hope to keep this a while ago we won 2-0 so I’m extremely satisfied”- Faker shared.

Regarding the opinion that T1 is changing the playing style, Faker disagrees with this and thinks that the whole team is simply looking for better ways to play – “I think we have not completely changed the mainstream game. The fact that the whole team plays better and a little faster is because each of the team members has shown excellent performance. We still have not reached the highest level of skill. So we will focus on improving this amount and then come to the team play”- Faker won many praises for his teammates.

He resistance the next opponent

When asked about the excellent escape phase at the end of game 2, Faker humbly thought that he did not do anything too special. His teammates did everything in that situation – “The situation that glided towards the bird park in game 2 was really it is not very true to what I expected. But we won because the team played really well.”

As for his upcoming opponent – Damwon Gaming – Faker had a slight against opposition ShowMaker – “This guy has been doing very well recently in both the tournament and the solo queue. But we’ve also played extremely well. He has shown that he has a large pool of champions but also practiced a lot of new champions. There will be some singular items that I can bring out in case of need” – he shared.

ShowMaker recently emerged as a true solo rank monster with a climb rank of Challenge record. Each champion played no more than 1 game and showed his extremely wide pool of champions. It seems that Faker also felt the heat that Damwon Gaming’s mid-lane created. Also gave himself “cards in the sleeves” to roll out when needed.

Besides Damwon Gaming, in the 3rd week of the LCK, T1 will encounter another “bone” opponent, Gen.G. With the next two direct competitors coming, this is definitely T1’s hinge week in the race to the higher position after the group stage. Hopefully, Faker and his teammates will have beneficial results.