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Far Cry New Dawn Guide – Some tips to give you the edge

Far Cry New Dawn

Set 17 years after the events of Far Cry 5, the newest installment in the series, Far Cry New Dawn, is a game that revolves around bombarding, feeding, surviving, and is pink. This is a vibrant, colorful Hope County.

Scavenge everything – Far Cry New Dawn

As a series, Far Cry has always been video-game-like and fun, but it’s veered off into a collection in recent entries. New Dawn gives rise to this, and there are things everywhere that need to be looted. Whether it is a coil, factory, or general machinery, everything has a purpose.

Far Cry New Dawn

During the battle, you can craft many throwable weapons, and the more resources you have, the larger your arsenal will be. End of throwing knives? It doesn’t matter if you have to craft materials to replace them with. 

No matter what you’re doing in New Dawn, make sure you’ve looted every nook and cranny before you leave, especially since you’ll need resources to revive your teammates when they’re down and due that is not available in your list.

Craft medkits – Far Cry New Dawn

It’s easy to forget about the little things in battle, but like crafting throws, you can ensure that you never lose health by crafting your own sets of medals. It’s a really small thing, but when you bring up the weapon wheel, at the bottom right of the screen (it’s a rather cluttered UI and therefore easy to miss), it shows you that, at least on PS4, you can keep the triangle to craft some handy health kits. Instead of relying on finding them in the middle of a gunfight, you can slow down time with that radial menu and quickly stock up on healing.

Lock Picking perk, asap

While frolicking around the reincarnated Hope County, you’ll find countless titanium safes. Trouble is, you won’t know it unless you’ve gained a specific perk that allows you to get inside the safe and take the less shiny loot. Titanium is essential to crafting weapons and vehicles, so you want to make sure you’re collecting it at the earliest opportunity, so you can unlock a variety of combat options in your weapon wheel.

Ethanol is vital – Far Cry New Dawn

New Dawn has a lightweight base-building mechanic to it, with each aspect of the game aggregated for parts of your camp, Prosperity. Whether it’s the workbench, the infirmary, the explosives lab, or the map area, every time you level them up, you gain something. 

Far Cry New Dawn

For example, level 2 maps let you buy maps that reveal treasure hunts and more collectibles, while your healing garden allows medkits to heal for 20 seconds at Level level 3. To get ethanol you can either get outposts or generally complete quests, so easy to do. However, the more side quests you do with ethanol rewards, the stronger your base will be.

Complete treasure hunts

Speaking of perks in Far Cry New Dawn, the best (and most enjoyable) way to gain perks quickly is to complete challenges and hunt for treasure. Hunt for treasures found by exploring the world and listening to conversations. 

Far Cry New Dawn

You can tell if someone knows the location of the treasure hunt because they will wear a diamond on their head. Whatever you’re doing at this point, stop and talk to diamond-minded people. Solving these treasure hunt puzzles will get you at least three perk points (via collectible magazines) and is also one of the most fun parts of the game.

On the other hand, challenges will appear naturally, just as you seek them out. These include specific types of extermination, hunting animals, or just certain types of exploration. Again, they are a fun and rewarding way to ‘power up’.