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Farming Simulator 22 Guide – Beginners Tips & Tricks

Farming Simulator 22

There’s so much to learn when you’re in a new series of games, especially a game as complex as Farming Simulator 22. Farming Simulator has grown by leaps and bounds since it was first released in 2008. If you haven’t watched the whole thing yet, however, the journey can be a very steep learning curve for the FS22.

New farmer mode

Farming Simulator 22

You have to make sure you’re on the right track in Farming Simulator 22. You won’t start a new F1 2021 game with the difficulty maxed out. The same should apply here because when you start saving fresh FS22 you will have a tough choice.

To be fair to GIANTS, they made it clear what was the hardest and hardest in 22 games compared to games like 19.

You are given three options for the new Career Mode in FS22. New Farmer, Farm Manager, and Getting Started with Scratch are easy, medium, and hard difficulty, respectively. We strongly recommend choosing the new Farmer mode because the farm is effectively set up when you start. All that has to be done is maintenance and upgrades at that point.

Go easy on the mods

Farming Simulator 22

In-game modifications really add new elements to your video game experience, the same can be said for Farming Simulator 22. However, these can harm you if you are a beginner. You should learn the basics of the game before you change its basics.

Get rid of surplus equipment – Farming Simulator 22

If you’ve followed our advice before and started the game with the pre-built farm, you’ll have plenty of new toys to play with. However, when you’re just getting started, you don’t need all the equipment that comes with it. This is a great way to earn some money and spend it on things you really need.

Another thing to keep in mind is that if you’re having a hard time understanding anything in FS22, the in-game tutorials will do a great job of explaining everything.

Start small – Farming Simulator 22

Top from five, you can’t buy the biggest, most powerful tractor for just one field. In other words, start small, then build on this as the farm grows. Buying the most expensive gadgets right away is a bad idea because there’s just so much available.

Don’t get into debt – Farming Simulator 22

FS22 has so much depth that you can get into debt pretty quickly if you’re not careful. Having an in-game loan system can be helpful, but it’s also dangerous if abused. When you are a more established farmer, loans can make a big difference to your purchasing power. In this situation, they are useful, but for newbies, it is reckless.

Farming Simulator 22

When you’re just starting out, you don’t really know your finances well. You also don’t have a lot of money to spare, so if things don’t go as planned, they’ll go wrong. Save some money before considering this.

Turn seasons off

One of the coolest new features in Farming Simulator 22 is the addition of seasons. Even so, they add to the level of difficulty for the player. This is something newbies can definitely do without, so we highly recommend turning them off when you start a fresh save.