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The best ways to fast travel in Far Cry 6 – Video game guide

fast travel in Far Cry 6

fast travel in Far Cry 6

Fast travel in Far Cry 6 guide, we’ll explain what to first set up before you can teleport across the map, and discover how to unlock fast-travel locations and why you should steal the helicopter as soon as you can.

Fast Travel In Far Cry 6

There’s plenty of ground to cover on the paradise island of Yara in Far Cry 6. While you can walk, horse or car, there are quicker ways to cross the land. Instead of physically traversing the game’s open world, the fastest way to move around is to go fast.

Learning how to move fast in Far Cry 6 is simple. As long as you’ve unlocked certain territories like bases or checkpoints, you can easily return to them easily (as long as you’re not currently on quests).

You can move quickly by opening your map and finding a location that you control. For example, one of the first places you can quickly go is your base.

Highlight the blue icon of a quick travel location and a small menu will appear. At the bottom of this window is a button or key prompt for fast scrolling. Hold down the highlighted button or key and the game will put you in that spot. If you want to move quickly to new locations on the map, you have to clear new locations or start building your Hideout Network.

Liberate Bases And Checkpoints

All over Yara you will find a lot of enemy territory. There will be many enemy bases, camps, and military checkpoints along the main roads. If you defeat all enemies at these locations, they will become occupied territory by Libertad. When it is in your control, you can quickly move to them. You’ll know an area has become a fast travel destination if it has a blue icon on your map.

If you follow your main quests, you’ll end up moving through multiple bases in the process. However, there are a number of smaller camps and enemy settlements that you can take over.

As you go through Far Cry 6, look for areas marked with red outlines. These are territories occupied by the enemy. You can defeat all enemies at these bases to overthrow them. You can also get smaller side quests that require you to clear enemy territory. These usually end up with you gaining control of that enemy’s space.

If your blue and white Libertad flag hangs over buildings and their flagpoles when all enemies are gone. Now you can Fast travel in Far Cry 6 in that area.

Build The Hideout Network

After completing the introductory island that serves as the game’s guide, you’ll begin to explore the larger land that makes up Yara. One of your first goals is to build a base camp at Montero Farms.

One of the activities you can participate in at this base is building new facilities. Each building you create unlocks new aspects of the game like fishing, hunting, and most importantly, the Hideout Network.

When you first build the Hideout Network, it not only gives you access to the Wingsuit but also opens up a facility on your farm that allows you to purchase new hiding places. These hiding places are scattered all over Yara. Each new hideout unlocks a fast-travel spot across the island. As you level up your Hideout Network, these mini bases can also contain vehicle spawn points where you can summon the vehicle to move at will.

Steal Helicopters – fast travel in Far Cry 6

By the time you set up the Hideout Network on Montero Ranch, you’d already driven a few cars and ridden a few horses. While these ground vehicles are a good enough way to navigate the map on their own, nothing beats helicopters.

Several mid-sized enemy bases throughout Yara have helipads. If you defeat all the enemies on the base and free it, you can use the landing pad to call up a helicopter of your own. From that point on, you can call in helicopters at any base or hideout with a landing pad.

You can also steal a helicopter at an occupied base and bring it back to a hideout or base with a landing pad. Any stolen vehicle you drop off at a base you control will immediately become part of your inventory.

Either way, helicopters are one of the most fun ways to get around Yara if you’re not moving fast. As long as you don’t fly over an area with anti-aircraft guns, helicopters can get you over the island relatively easily. Not only that, the machine guns and missiles on board can hit any enemy base if you want to establish new fast-moving spots. There is another Fast travel in Far Cry 6 way.