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FaZe vs Complexity Prediction – Champions League – 09/24

FaZe vs Complexity Prediction

FaZe vs Complexity prediction on September 24, 2021. Although FaZe has more maps with a higher win rate than Complexity. That doesn’t give them enough advantage in the ban/pick phase. Because the opponent also owns 3 out of 7 maps with an extremely high win rate, this can be a significant counterbalance for FaZe in this match.

FaZe Overview

FaZe vs Complexity Prediction

Overall, FaZe’s ranking is significantly different from Complexity. They are the 6th ranked team in the world at the moment. However, their current form is not too good to overwhelm the opponent. 

They have 6 wins in the last 10 matches, even if you look at the record of the last 4 confrontations against Complexity, FaZe won 2 wins and 2 defeats. So there will not be a simple challenge for FaZe ahead.

Complexity Overview

FaZe vs Complexity Prediction

Just being a team outside the top 10 in the world, of course, Complexity can only place the underdog in this match. But with their internal strength, no team can be underestimated. 

For example, in the recent ESL Pro League, Complexity was still the team that passed the group stage before the big names, Virtus.Pro or G2 could not do this. Even though they lost in the knockout round, it was also a close 1-2 loss against Vitality and then reached the final. So it can be trusted that Complexity will bring back at least 1 game win in this match.

FaZe vs Complexity Prediction

FaZe will target Overpass to ban it when this is Complexity’s highest win rate map. But Complexity is also ready to respond by banning Inferno when they are almost unprepared. recently on this map.

If the bans happen as predicted, then the choice of the two teams will be very clear. FaZe will get his favorite map, Mirage, while Complexity will also bring back Nuke. If FaZe has always shown stability in Mirage when achieving a win rate of up to 70% in the last 10 shots. 

FaZe vs Complexity Prediction

Complexity has only a 67% win rate in 6 shots on Nuke map but FaZe in this map was quite cavalier. He only won 3 out of 8 shots at Nuke. That makes experts predict the score after the first 2 games is predicted to be 1-1 divided equally for each team. 

They also mean that the final ban/pick will decide the fate of these two teams. Even so, FaZe is still being rated much higher if they have to shoot the 3rd game. They still have Dust 2 as well as Ancient which are better maps than the opponent. Moreover, Complexity’s recent form is not too good, so losing 1-2 to FaZe is the most reasonable result in this match.

FaZe vs Complexity Bet Prediction

FaZe vs Complexity total score prediction:

  • Game 1: FaZe 1-0 Complexity
  • Game 2: FaZe 0-1 Complexity
  • Game 3: FaZe 1-0 Complexity

Total score 2-1 (Complexity wins the handicap 1.5)

First 5 rounds:

  • Game 1: FaZe
  • Game 2: Complexity
  • Game 3: FaZe

Total rounds:

  • Game 1: FaZe 16-12 Complexity (Over)
  • Game 2: FaZe 9-16 Complexity (Under)
  • Game 3: FaZe 16-13 Complexity (Over)


FaZe: karrigan, olofmeister, Twistzz, rain, broky

Complexity: jks, blameF, es3tag, poizon, coldzera