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FaZe vs OPAA Prediction – IEM Playoffs – 09/15 – Esports Prediction

FaZe vs OPAA prediction

FaZe vs OPAA prediction

FaZe vs OPAA prediction on September 15, 2021. Looking at the win rate in the maps, there is probably no hope for OPAA in this match. Their highest win rate map is Inferno which is only 7 shots with a 57% win rate.

FaZe Overview

Of these playoff teams, perhaps FaZe is considered to be the easiest to advance, when they only encounter a relatively unknown team like OPAA. Moreover, FaZe is a name in the top 10 in the world even though the ranking is not low when it is ranked 6th. 

Although the recent performance is somewhat volatile when winning 6, the rest is losing 4 in the last 10 matches, but this is not the case. The superior strength compared to the opponent is the reason to believe that FaZe will crush the opponent in this match.

OPAA Overview

OPPA is just a newly formed team, they are a mixture of a few players who have played on low-level teams participating in Tier C or B tournaments with young talent with no name. Recent performance is quite impressive when it won 8 victories in the last 10 matches. Even OPAA still owns a series of 6 consecutive wins. However, facing a team in the top 10 in the world is still too difficult for them, so remember OPAA’s current ranking is only 108.

FaZe vs OPAA prediction

Vertigo can also be an option when FaZe hasn’t play this map for the past 3 months. But this is OPAA’s no-forehand map when he shoots 6 times and loses all 6. In the rest of the maps, it’s a loss coming from OPAA, so if FaZe bans Inferno directly, their little hope will be lost.

The biggest difference comes from the level difference between both teams. The most experienced person on the OPAA side is probably BERRY when he participated in two S-Tier tournaments. But the last time was in 2015 in the color of SK Gaming. 

This year is 31 years old, of course, this player’s reflexes can’t be like his peak, his experienced teammates are only notaN and ryxxo, who only compete in C-Tier tournaments. The rest are inexperienced names, young talents coming to a professional tournament for the first time. Having to face a FaZe at a higher level is clearly a difficult problem to solve. 

Creating a surprise in this match is probably only thanks to miracles. But it is difficult to use strength to overcome FaZe even if it’s just a game. The score of 2-0 in favor of FaZe is the prediction of experts when the level of the two sides is too big.

FaZe vs OPAA bet prediction

FaZe vs OPAA total score prediction:

  • Game 1: FaZe 1-0 OPAA
  • Game 2: FaZe 1-0 OPAA

Total score 2-0

Handicap bet (FaZe won is handicapped 1.5 )

Choose FaZe won

First 5 rounds win:

  • Game 1: FaZe
  • Game 2: FaZe

Total rounds:

  • Game 1: FaZe 16 – 3 OPAA (Under)
  • Game 2: FaZe 16 – 5 OPAA (Under)


FaZe: karrigan, Twistzz, olofmeister, rain, broky

OPAA: BERRY, Tauson, Ryxxo, notaN, Staehr