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Fer star of CS: Go was suddenly banned by the streaming platform

Fer has reaped countless titles in the golden era

Fer has reaped countless titles in the golden era of CS: Go

Earlier this morning, the fans of a star in CS: GO, Fer of MiBR was surprised when Twitch issued a 7-day ban with him.


June was a stormy month for MiBR members when they were constantly involved in dramas that weren’t worth it. The first was Fer when he had racist words on his personal stream. Although not being touched by Twitch, he was still fined a fine by MiBR and had to apologize publicly on Twitter.

Shortly thereafter, the MiBR members again had an argument with their FURIA compatriots about resetting an important round when FalleN and Fer’s computer lagged. But according to the law, FURIA does not need to reset when There has been damage. Although FURIA finally agreed to reset the round, Fer had a controversial tweet with the FURIA members before.

Just a few days ago, the MiBR members once again became the focus of attention. When they voiced accusations that the two players of the Chaos Esports Club had used hacks in their game against them. With evidence that the clips are “suspicious”, the accusations on social networks of MiBR members have caused the Brazilian CS: GO community to air.

Many fans swore and even threatened the lives of these two players, causing the young 16-year-old talent leaf (one of the two alleged players) to shut down his Twitter account. Although FalleN then tweeted and urged the community to remain calm. This did not prevent a popular fan community like Brazil from continuing to demand “fair” for MiBR. They asked Valve to solve the problem and issue the ban on the two players.


Last night, the name Fer was mentioned again when his Twitch channel was suddenly banned by the world’s largest streaming platform. Fer later tweeted to confirm that his channel was banned for 7 days. He said Twitch had not emailed or notified him. But according to some fans, Fer used the word “mongoloide” in His latest stream was on June 29.

This may seem like a synonym but to a lesser degree the word “regarded”. But also has racist nuances and there have been a number of other streamers banned for using this word. If this is true, then the fact that Fer is banned is completely understandable. When Twitch is still famous for being extremely strict with streamers with hateful, racist acts.

Twitch has recently taken strong action against racism as well as harassment and even sexual assault when a series of female streamers have come forward to denounce the inappropriate behavior of Twitch. Some Twitch employees and other male streamers.

A 7-day ban is often applied by Twitch for unprecedented or very few streams. Hoping that this will be a useful lesson for Fer to be more careful with stream statements.

It is known that Fernando Alvarenga is called “Fer” in the game. He is one of Brazil’s best CS: GO players. Despite having passed the peak period for a while, Fer is still an important piece of MiBR. The strongest CS: GO team in Brazil at the present time.