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FIFA 22 coin guide – How to make millions using packs and SBCs

FIFA 22 coin guide

The FIFA 22 coin is harder to come by than previous seasons after EA dropped the power of the standard silver and bronze bundles, but that’s still no reason to break your wallet. With a combination of patience, smart transfer market work, and knowledge of SBC, you can still build your way to millions in FIFA 22. FIFA 21 ended with the Expressions including Gullit, Vieira, and Zola, by making the most of the transfer market. rather than real cash. Using our FIFA 22 coin guide, you will soon be able to do the same.

Never buy gold packs – FIFA 22 coin guide

FIFA 22 coin guide

Spend even a few hours a week playing FIFA 22 and you’ll note that gold packs are easy to get. You earn them for completing FIFA 22 SBCs (Squad Building Challenges), for seasonal objectives, and as weekly rewards for Team Battles, Squad Rivals, and FUT Champions. The transfer market in the game is therefore always saturated with yellow cards. As a result, most basic gold players can be purchased for 300-500 coins, but you usually only get 3-4 in a pack – making for a terrible return on the 5,000 coins you have to spend to buy one.

Buy bronze and silver packs only 

As FIFA 22 coin guide, this is a natural extension of our first rule, although EA cleverly included it this year and as a result, removed the standard bronze and silver color packs. Don’t sweat it, though. While that means your initial cost per pack is higher than before – 750 for an all-copper plan, instead of 400 – our approach still pays off over time. You just need to be more patient in FIFA 20 or 21.

Sell player cards – FIFA 22 coin guide

FIFA 22 coin guide

This is the rule that underlies this entire guide and the reason to stick with the silver and copper packages. Demand for yellow cards is usually low, as that type of pack is opened constantly. Fewer people are opening packages of silver or copper, so when a particular card is needed to complete an SBC, the price of that card often spikes – that’s basic supply and demand. Indeed, token value is almost always tied to SBC – the next two points outline exactly how you can maximize the price at which you sell tokens.

Check for ‘Live’ SBCs

This is the first part of maximizing the value of all the players present in your club. SBCs can be released at any time these days, but Thursday night is a good time to look for new ones in the form of Marquee Matches – a regular set of four new, match-related SBCs In real-life coming – go live at 6 pm.

What you need to do is evaluate the parameters needed for each Live challenge, then list the transfers of any players in your club that are required and/or useful to them. 

FIFA 22 coin guide

For an example of FIFA 22 coin guide, an original Marquee Matchups puzzle based on Paris SG vs Angers requires at least one Ligue 1 player and silver or yellow card – but from no more than four different leagues. This caused the value of the French silver cards assigned to FRA 1 to skyrocket. If they are hoarded in your club from previously opened silver packages, you can cash them in Alan Virginius (RW, OCSM) for 7,000, Baptiste Reynet (GK, Dijon) for 6,200, Yoric Ravet (RW, Grenoble), and so on.

Of course, if those Ligue 1 players are stored in your club pending the final tournament SBC, you will have an evaluation call to make it clear whether for sale or not. My rule is that I will always sell silver or a bronze card if it yields 1,000 coins or more.