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Final Fantasy 11: The Mobile Game Development Canceled!

Final Fantasy 11

Final Fantasy has become an old MMORPG game. The series is around 20 years old, and made the sequels to Final Fantasy 11, the most popular of all. Because of this, there are plans to develop Final Fantasy into a mobile game. Square Enix is ​​working with Korean developer Nexon to make this happen.

Final Fantasy 11

However, it seems that this desire is currently being blocked. Because the development of mobile games from the Final Fantasy series must be canceled before the game is actually released to the market.

Revealed Some Small Details

Prior to the announcement of the cancellation of the Final Fantasy mobile game, several years earlier had revealed some small details related to the rumors of the game’s development, such as a description of the game concept.

The developer Nexon, said that the mobile game development project has been canceled. Because several development teams have been moved to handle other projects.

Final Fantasy 11 Mobile games were previously thought to have the same original storyline as in Final Fantasy . And the game development uses Unreal Engine 4

In addition, this mobile game will have the same characters as in Final Fantasy .

In 2015, when the announcement of the development of this mobile game was announced, initially Square Enix and Nexon wanted to make the mobile game version of the Final Fantasy series the same as the original game. Starting from the story, characters, and various other elements.

Final Fantasy 11

Final Fantasy 11 PC Get New Content

 Although development of the mobile game from Final Fantasy 11 was canceled. However, Final Fantasy 11 on PC is getting new content. Final Fantasy was originally released for PS2, but now it can be played on the PC platform.

Some of the new content includes events, equipment, adjustments, and even new story additions. Despite the addition of new content, fans still hope Square Enix can make a full reboot or remake of the game. Because the fan base of Final Fantasy is still very strong.

That’s it for the news regarding Final Fantasy 11 mobile! Stay tuned for more updates!