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Final Fantasy 13-2 – Beginner Tips And Tricks

Final Fantasy 13-2

In many ways, Final Fantasy 13-2 is the antithesis of its predecessor, while the original Final Fantasy 13 was a fairly linear affair for much of its story, Serah Farron’s best-selling sequel veered towards open spaces filled with secrets. Both games are excellent in their own right, but getting comfortable with 13-2’s meandering style can take some time for players accustomed to the more horizontal intro of the game 13 on Cocoon.

Use Mog to Find Treasure

Mog accompanies Serah and Noel on their epic quest in Final Fantasy 13-2. He said the word “kupo” verbatim instead of making a vaguely kupo-esque animal-like noise, which was the basis for immediate dismissal for some staunch Final Fantasy veterans. But love him or hate him, you can – and absolutely should – throw him away.

Final Fantasy 13-2

The moogle mascot has a treasure tracker on top. It glows when he’s near trinkets that Serah should absolutely take. Keep an eye on him and watch as he makes increasingly desperate sounds. Most of the time, you’ll be locating the treasure just seconds before the urge sets in to go right back to the guy.

But, let’s get back to throwing. There are cases where you can’t just rely on vision. Some treasures are beyond Serah’s limits, others are completely invisible. When this happens, press L1 on the PlayStation controller, RB on the Xbox controller, or whatever corresponding key you assigned on your keyboard. Take aim and toss. The Honorable Miss Farron would send Mog into the air, like a volleyball. He will be back soon with the reward.

Explore Surroundings – Final Fantasy 13-2

Final Fantasy 13-2‘s game zones aren’t exactly the same size as Skyrim’s, but they’re significantly larger than all but one in FF13. Secrets are everywhere and they are no longer marked by short, obvious detours off the beaten path. After all, “the way to be defeated” is wherever Serah and Noel decide.

Discover content in your heart. Only rare items, gil, monsters, even short side quests can be found this way. Square Enix has clearly put a lot of time and care into making 13-2 feel like a trip through time – and every era has its shiny trinkets tucked away.

Find Fragments – Final Fantasy 13-2

It would be better if we didn’t spoil what the shards are used for as some of the bonuses involved could be in the spoiler-y aspect. While it’s not a gimmick, rest assured that finding shards will lead to a lot of perks.

Final Fantasy 13-2

Those perks can include ways to relieve pressure in specific gameplay scenarios, enhanced cutscene controls, in-game artifacts, and more. There are 160 shards in Final Fantasy and yes, there is a bonus for collecting each of them. But collecting every shard in an individual area also often leads to a reward.

Many of the game’s optional activities are tied to the collection of shards in a number of ways, linking back to an earlier point in time – check it out!

Shift Paradigms

Final Fantasy 13-2

This last tip should sound familiar if you’ve read our similar guide to Final Fantasy 13. Like that game, Final Fantasy 13-2 uses a “Paradigm Shift” system that allows characters to rotate switch through six job-like roles (less than at the beginning, mind you) to suit their combat circumstances.

And, like FF13, it’s imperative that you get the most out of this system when the road gets tough. Most of the time that 13-2 seems to have spiked, the real culprit is an opposing team tasked with mixing things up. There are instances, as few as they have, where three Healers or Sentinels are your best bet. However, in general, the combination of different roles will be important to lead to victory.

Swap the roles accordingly, adding points for all so that Serah, Noel, and their monstrous friends are ready to take on whatever fate has in store for them.