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Final Fantasy 6 Guide – Tips And Tricks For Beginners

Final Fantasy 6

Final Fantasy 6 is one of my favorite games in the entire FF series. Whether you’re playing on Snes Mini or the updated version on your phone, everyone can benefit from a few handy tips to get you on the right foot!

The Back Row

Final Fantasy 6

When it comes to commanding the battlefield, location is key in Final Fantasy 6. By selecting/tapping a character in the menu options, you can choose to place a character in the back row or the front row. The front row is ideal for close-up, physical range attackers; allowing them to deal full damage with their attacks and abilities.

The back row halves damage dealt with weapons like swords and spears. But resident party members will be able to attack with ranged and magic with no penalty; While only taking half damage from physical attacks!

Healing Spells – Final Fantasy 6

Keeping your party healthy will seem expensive. And while FF6 is plentiful in GP rewards, you may find that you blow through both coins and items too quickly. The best (and cheapest) option available from the start, is just to buy a sleeping bag, which restores a character to max HP and MP.

You can then use a caster like Terra to heal the entire side’s HP, and use a sleeping bag to restore your MP. It’s just one item you need to store, and it’s a full party!

Encounter Enemies

Final Fantasy 6 1

Pretty early in the Final Fantasy 6, you’ll reach an area called Veldt. This area is unique in that you can meet nearly every enemy you ever go into combat with.

When you arrive in this area you will also recruit a member of a newer party who can learn the abilities of the monsters they face. But can only do this while on Veldt, use this to your advantage as soon as you arrive.

This area is also a great crushing spot, as you will learn many of your enemies’ weaknesses and be able to fight them effectively. Even if you just enter combat and then run away, it still provides access to them in Veldt. So it’s worth taking a leaf out of the Pokémon book to hunt down those rare enemy encounters!

Relics – Final Fantasy 6

No RPG is complete without weapons, armor, and accessories, weapons and armor tend to be pretty standard in FF6: heavy armor provides extra defense, lighter armor, etc.

Ruins, however…this is where it is! They change the position of accessory locations in this FF setting and tend to confer special abilities over stat changes, some are situational, others are must-haves.

Sprint-Shoes, for example, will let you run around towns and dungeons at double speed. Whereas a black belt will allow your characters to respond randomly during battle. There are some delicious combos to have here, so don’t be afraid to experiment.

Use Espers

Final Fantasy 6 2

After a few hours into the match, you will start to get Espers in Final Fantasy 6. Equipping them will allow your members to learn magic, but it goes deeper than that. Leveling up, each Esper commits a crime against that character, such as a 10% increase or max power 2. very handy!

Pairing the right esper with the right character is crucial, and it’s something you should practice right away so you don’t miss out on the benefits faster.