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Final Fantasy VI: How to Play It on Android!

Final Fantasy VI

For those who want to play Final Fantasy VI on Android, here’s the tutorial regarding how to download and play it! 

Final Fantasy VI is one of the  games that is available on almost every video game platform, including PlayStation 1. In Final Fantasy V, you will play as Terra, a half-Esper girl who is destined to defeat Kefka, a wizard with the power to destroy the world. Now you can play it on your Android Device. 

Final Fantasy VI

To be able play this game, make sure that you download a PlayStation emulator called ePSXe. The specs required to run this app are small enough because almost all smartphones these days can run ePSXe smoothly. Below are the specs for ePSXe on Android!

ePSXe’s Specifications

Minimum Specifications:

Chipset ARMv7 or X86;

Android 2.3 Gingerbread;

RAM 256 MB.

Recommended Specifications:

Chipset ARMv7 or x86;

Android 7.0 Nougat or higher;

GPU that supports OpenGL;

RAM 512 MB;

SD Card at least 16 or 32GB.

Older Androids or even the latest ones are surely able to run this app without any issues. It only requires a small amount of RAM capacity. The next step is to download and install ePSXe on your device.

How to Download ePSXe

The first step is to install ePSXe by clicking this Google Play Store link here, and don’t forget to Download BIOS so you can play the game without any issues.

After you have done installing in your Android, then you can move the BIOS file named SCPH1001.bin to a folder named Internal/epsxe/bios

After successfully moving the BIOS file, you can immediately open the ePSXe app and choose “Run BIOS”, and the steps to install ePSXe are done. 

How to Download Final Fantasy VI

Final Fantasy VI

After the ePSXe emulator is successfully installed,  the next step you have to do is to download the Final Fantasy VI game file, read these steps carefully!

You can find Final Fantasy VI download on This Link. After you have successfully downloaded, you just need to extract the file and open the ePSXe app to run the iso file. Don’t forget to move the Final Fantasy VI file to the SD Card because ePSXe reads game files through SD Card.

After you have moved the ISO to SD Card, you can immediately open the ePSXe app that you already installed and choose the “Run Game”. ePSXe will automatically read all iso files stored in SD Card.

After the Final Fantasy VI ISO file has been found, you can start playing the game!