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Finding the best performance in the history of professional LoL (Part 2)

Marin is one of the best top laners at the LoL World Championship 2015

Marin is one of the best top laners at the LoL World Championship 2015

In Part 1 of this series, we came up with the opening list for the best performances of all time by the professional LoL. And now, come up with the next names.

The special thing is that the names on this list used to have SKT – the greatest team in the history of LoL in the world. Even after being away from the peak of nearly 3 seasons, there has not been any team that has replicated the feat of winning 3 World Championships, 2 times the MSI champion of SKT in the past.

Faker – World Championship 2017

Faker made a career in the world championship 2017

It is surprising that the failure season is said to be the most painful for Faker as well as SKT at the World Championship 2017, which is considered his “holy” season. Compared to the previous two championship seasons 2015 and 2016, Faker played well. But his performance was somewhat saturated by an outstanding SKT team, with players like Marin, Duke, Bengi. , Bang, Wolf.

Therefore, Faker of 2017 is the more special Faker of all. SKT of the World Championship 2017 was no longer as strong as before. They parted from the God of Bengi, farewell to the top laner Duke, and with those who stayed. Blank was questioned about his performance, rookies like Huni or Peanut didn’t meet expectations. Wolf had a health problem, while Bang didn’t seem to have the motivation to play.

Faker that year actually carried an unstable SKT on his own shoulders. Not because of those difficulties, Faker fell back. He created a top performance, which was the super performance with the Demon King Galio’s Mid lane in the most classic Bo5 match before Royal Never Give Up.

Although the outcome of SKT in the Final against Samsung Galaxy was extremely painful. Experts acknowledged that Faker in that season was really “a burden the whole world alone”. Only a pity that one wing Little swallowing did not make spring, and his tears of failure have since become the most haunting moment in the hearts of fans.

Marin – LoL World Championship 2015

Marin maintained his peak form for only one season in 2015. When he was 24 years old – too old for a professional player. But players born in 1991 need only that year to define the concept of perfection of a top laner.

The impact that Marin imposes upon his performances at Worlds Championship 2015 even extends to the present. After 5 years since he helped SKT re-establish the throne, the upper half of the map has been intervened countless times by Riot Games. With adjusting and releasing a series of new meta, along with finding ways to limit it. Multiplayer mode of teleportation – Marin’s “second ultimate”, to the maximum.

Worlds Championship 2015 was the year that saw the meta of top lanes. Marin was the one who carried SKT literally. While SKT’s resources are often concentrated in the mid lane. Faker has not been in the best form, while the bot lane, Bang – Wolf has never been appreciated for the ability to win the lane, Marin did it all. He is the main source of damage for the team when using attacking generals like Renekton, Fiora, Rumble. He is also a call for SKT team fights.

League of Legends has witnessed countless top-class players who reach the world-class like TheShy, Khan, Smeb, etc. But no one dares to confidently assert that they will solo win an “old man” on the slope as Marin. If you clash in a professional tournament, let alone the greatness of the former SKT captain.