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Fire Emblem: Three Houses Guide – Tips And Tricks For Beginners

Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Fire Emblem: Three Houses takes us on an epic journey filled with grid-based combat stories and grid-based stories. When you put the jump into this RPG, you’ll be looking at the campaign making over 40 hours and consisting of only one route. With a host of new features introduced, lots of tactical approaches to take, and all sorts of things to explore, you’ll have plenty of lands.

The glowing spots – Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Fire Emblem: Three Houses

The battlefield is often cluttered and intimidating with high-end opponents, different types of terrain (some damaging), and oddly little complexity. In most battles, there will be few blue and green glowing spots on the map. The blue blobs drop weapons from previous battles, and the blue blobs are a free experience for any character that steps on them. 

Nintendo plans to make these points correspond to other player campaigns, which means points on the battlefield will be from save game dead characters from around the world.

Blue blobs are valuable and worth the extra effort to move a unit to. The blue units seem meaningless at first as they only give rusty weapons. You’ll still want to pick these up whenever possible since Rusty Weapons that can be returned to Blacksmith will be discredited. 

Sometimes these rusty weapons can be rare silver or steel ones, swords, and shafts. Press X to see details of what metal the rusty weapon has before you decide to repair it. Some of the weaker weapons are worth the rust.

Replenish battalion’s forces

Fire Emblem: Three Houses

After your few hours on the story of Fire Emblem: Three Houses, you will get the ability to assign battalions to units. Battalions are individual groups of soldiers that provide bonus stat and special attacks to the unit they are assigned to. They level up through battle and they take losses just like any other army.

You’ll need to go to the Battalions section of the Market, during Free Roam or through a pre-battle menu, to replenish your battalions between each fight. You can add individual units or press the Plus button on the switch to add people. It costs a bit of gold to replenish, but it’s worth spending that money before each battle.

Update loadouts – Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Every weapon has a certain number of hits it can cause before breaking, once broken they become useless pieces of metal that need to be repaired at the blacksmith. Soon, each unit will be equipped with an iron weapon or weak training that doesn’t deal tons of damage.

Right after the start, you’ll have access to a variety of weapons through glow spots on the battlefield, rewards for monastic quests, chests in brawls, and in Armory. Make sure to update each character loader whenever you get the chance. New items, including those that provide permanent stat boosts, constantly make their way to your convoy. Weapon upgrades or extra vulnerabilities can make all the difference in a tough fight.

Buy gifts

Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Relationships are key in Fire Emblem: Three Houses and buying gifts from students and fellow soldiers is a snap to their hearts. As you complete the early game side quests, new merchants selling special gifts will come to the monastery to sell their wares.

These gifts can help improve support levels, open up new monastic activities, and bring you one step closer to marriage. Be sure to check back again and again with more merchants until you get more in the campaign.