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Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes – Characters Players Want To See In

Fire Emblem Warriors

The next game of Fire Emblem Warriors has officially hit the shelves. The game is set in the fantastic world of Three Houses, Fire Emblem’s most successful title to date. The announcement trailer confirmed some of the main characters. Now confirmed are Byleth, Sothis, Hubert, and the heads of each house, Edelgard, Dimitri, and Claude.

Hilda – Fire Emblem Warriors

Fire Emblem Warriors 2

The ax-wielding, lackluster Hilda is a Three House fan favorite. The way she calmly takes down everyone in front of her makes her one of the funniest and most powerful characters in the game.

Out of everyone on this list, it seems most obvious to Hilda that she’ll be playable in Three Hopes. Due to both her popularity in the Three Houses story and her popularity in the fan base. Of course, seeing her riding a Wyvern and slashing at her enemies was not a wish, but more than that.


Would it really be a Fire Emblem game without Anna? Anna was a playable hero in the first Fire Emblem Warriors, and after becoming a playable character in Three Houses, it’s only natural for her to appear sparingly in Three Hopes.

Anna rarely serves any conspiratorial purpose. After more than 30 years of Fire Emblem, she’s more of a repeated joke that everyone has fallen in love with than someone who has ever made a difference in the story. However, Fire Emblem wouldn’t have felt that way without Anna’s consistent presence and need for brooding.

Raphael – Fire Emblem Warriors

Fire Emblem Warriors 1

Three Houses introduced Brawler-class weapons and gauntlets into the Fire Emblem franchise. It would be a perfect fit in the game, and where there are gloves for punching, Raphael is needed.

Three Houses is a game of mixed morals. A game that seeks to show a mixture of honest intentions and false beliefs that have an effect on all sides of the war. Amid a cast of characters who can be loved and criticized in the same sentence, Raphael may be the only truly good one at his core. It’s natural to want him back and hitting as hard as possible in Three Hopes.


A game like Fire Emblem Warriors can only be enhanced by including the lethal Death Knight. Jeritza is a mystery about a character that was initially unplayable during the release of Three Houses.

However, an update did allow him to join your party after choosing a certain path in the story, and this opens up even more insights into the character, who has almost completely disappeared. in silence and put on the black skull helmet into the game. He would be a terrifying and almost certainly overwhelming addition to the playable characters in Three Hopes with no shortage of useful skills.


Fire Emblem Warriors

It’s unlikely we’ll see Rhea as a playable character in Three Hopes, but most likely, she’ll play a big role in the story. As the Pope-like figure in the Three Houses story, she is the cornerstone of the motivation that drives many of the other characters.

The story of Three Hopes is supposed to be quite different from the story of Three Houses, but Rhea is too important to play any significant role. It will be interesting to see the possibility of playing her, with an interesting mix of clerical and ancient dragon abilities.

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