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3 Best First-Person Horror Games To Try In 2021

first-person horror games

Horror games are abundant every year. The developers want to give fans a thrill, and if you’re after some first-person horror games, we’ve got you covered. In this list, we’ve highlighted the best games with a first-person perspective.

Doom – first-person horror games

 first-person horror games

Horror can come in many different genres, and one of the intense FPS games that will hit the market in 2016 with incredible success is Doom. Here the player will go through the game as the Doom Slayer who has to fight against all kinds of demonic scum after breaking into the human realm. It’s just as intense and bloody as you’d expect from the iconic Doom series with players wielding a collection of powerful weapons.

It’s definitely one of the first-person horror games worth watching in 2016 and it’s proven to be just as fun and thrilling to play today as it was when it came out a few years ago at this point. The only thing we’ve seen with fans about this game is the fact that there’s not much post-launch support here. Instead, the developers have turned to the successor title, Doom Eternal, which we will cover next.

Doom Eternal

 first-person horror games

Next up in the first-person horror games list, we have Doom Eternal, which is the sequel to the 2016 Doom release. The demonic invasion has left Mars and has now reached Earth leaving much of humanity in turmoil. Now, the only thing left to keep humanity from being completely destroyed is the Doom Slayer. This is a game that enhances the gameplay experience where the player has to fight against various types of evil enemies.

However, the gameplay here is a lot more challenging than the previous one. Everything you learn, from maneuvers, different weapons, explosives, to enemy weaknesses is pretty important. To survive, players must primarily keep moving and use all of their newfound skills and tools. As a result, this game can be a bit cumbersome for some players, but those who like a challenge should find a game here.

Resident Evil 7 – first-person horror games

 first-person horror games

Resident Evil is an iconic survival horror series that has been around for decades. Its series generally stays the same with a third-person perspective while players adventure through some terrifying games filled with arch-enemies to fight and puzzles to solve. However, after the franchise became more action-oriented, fans expressed their desire to see Capcom return to its roots. That’s when the studio improved the gameplay after Resident Evil 6. Resident Evil, 7 brought in a new protagonist, Ethan Winters, your typical normal guy.

Without the expertise to deal with any kind of hostility, Ethan’s search for his missing wife leads him to the quirky Baker Family, which is filled with torment and terror. The title offers a survival-horror feel with less focus on action gameplay and more focus on tough battles and an eerie atmosphere. Likewise, Capcom chose to offer a first-person perspective with PSVR support to really immerse players. It’s a game worth trying, and one that doesn’t require the player to go through previous seasons to understand the story.