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Fnatic vs Misfits Gaming Prediction – LEC Summer – 08/20

Fnatic vs Misfits Gaming prediction

Fnatic vs Misfits Gaming prediction

Fnatic vs Misfits Gaming prediction on August 20, 2021. We said our goodbyes to Team Vitality, who lost to Fnatic in the first game of the lower bracket. But the Orange-blacks, G2 Esports, Misfits Gaming, Rogue and MAD Lions continued to compete.

Fnatic Overview

Fnatic successfully took down Team Vitality in the first week of the knockouts. Vitality should have been happy that they even made it to the knockout stages after missing them in the last couple. But they can certainly be happy after having gone through a really hard time with Fnatic legend. 

Although Bwipo and his team won the match 3-2, it could have easily gone in Vitality’s direction as they endured a hellish battle. The longest match lasted just over 30 minutes, it was a series of fouls, but in the end, Fnatic won.

Misfits Gaming Overview

Misfits Gaming was one of the biggest surprises of the Summer Split. The team didn’t change the roster after the spring but got a new coach at Candyfloss. The British Gentleman really helped Misfits elevate their game. 

As the team was able to beat every team in the regular season aside from the MAD Lions and Rogue. Their top laner, HiRiT was the main laner, with their jungler Razork focusing on him for the majority of their games. Of course, we can’t get past Vetheo, who really stepped up in the early parts of the regular season with picks like his signature Akali and Zoe.

Fnatic vs Misfits Gaming prediction

It can be said that Fnatic has many advantages in terms of statistics, from the ability to kill the first dragon to the first turret. Fnatic is still a team that owns a pretty strong attack from Upset or Bwipo. They can completely snowball the opponent as soon as they have the opportunity that can be seen quite clearly in games 2 and 3 against Team Vitality. 

However, they are also the team that easily makes a mistake in the early game, and then the opponent snowballs backwards. If they study game 4 with Team Vitality they also make a mistake at the late game that makes the opponent go straight to the main house. 

Misfits Gaming can completely reapply Team Vitality’s tactics. Seeing how they fight Rogue many people are seeing that this team can be expected. Keeping in mind that Fnatic has been on the decline since the Spring Split. Misfits Gaming can completely win with a dramatic score of 3-2.

Fnatic has two pretty outstanding picks with Ornn, Rakan with 70% and 74% win rates respectively. In the remaining possible picks, Tristana with 68% win rate and Gragas and Sivir only has a 63% win rate.

Fnatic vs Misfits Gaming bet prediction

Fnatic vs Misfits Gaming total score prediction: 2-3

  • Game 1: Fnatic 15 – 6 Misfits Gaming (choose Fnatic – Under)
  • Game 2: Fnatic 12 – 21 Misfits Gaming (choose Mitfits Gaming – Over)
  • Game 3: Fnatic 7 – 17 Misfits Gaming (choose Mitfits Gaming – Under)
  • Game 4: Fnatic 20 – 13 Misfits Gaming (choose Fnatic – Over)
  • Game 5: Fnatic 5 – 14 Misfits Gaming (choose Mitsfits Gaming – Under)

First Blood:

  • Game 1: Fnatic
  • Game 2: Misfits Gaming
  • Game 3: Fnatic
  • Game 4: Fnatic
  • Game 5: Misfits Gaming

First 10 Kill Points:

  • Game 1: Fnatic
  • Game 2: Misfits Gaming
  • Game 3: Mitfits Gaming
  • Game 4: Fnatic
  • Game 5: Mitfits Gaming


Fnatic: ​​​​​​​​Adam, Upset, Bwipo, Nisqy, Hylissang

Mitsfits Gaming: ​​​​HiRit, Kobbe, Razork, Vetheo, Vander