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Focus Hero – Introducing the Shifty Visage Dota 2



With the appearance of a green ghost depending on the general skin. Visage Dota 2 brings an unpleasant experience to the opposite player. Especially with the large combat phase at the end of the game. This champion is one of the most powerful and versatile warriors in Dota 2.

Visage Dota 2 and good control system


This hero is quite well equipped for his skill system. Referring to Visage is referring to a difficult bot lane opponent. Let’s analyze the skill system of this hero.

  • Grave Chill: This skill helps him steal an enemy’s movement speed and attack speed. In solo or total melee combat, this is the appropriate technique to hit the enemy champion. Especially Ad carry champions with high attack speed. You should use this skill as soon as the teamfight starts to your advantage and for allied players.
  • Soul Assumption: The intrinsic nature of this move helps our winged beasts accumulate magic. The amount of this technique is provided by the attack of the enemy. The maximum number of recharges is 6 times and then you can activate to deal damage to enemies within range.
  • Gravekeeper’s Cloak: this is a passive form of skill, it helps him accumulate damage absorbed armor. Enemy champion’s attacks on him will be deducted from this armor. After consuming all armor it will take some time for it to recover.
  • Summon Familiars: Visage will summon two monsters of similar shape. These two monsters possess great attack speed as well as great damage. Effects on enemy champions include stun if two monsters are petrified. You should use this skill to create a teamfight advantage.

Technique system to facilitate Visage


The advantage that gives to him is countless. This is a true monster when bot lane and play Support. The interesting points on this champion are:

Quite strong because of Gravekeeper’s Cloak, you should be more confident in solo situations. This hero will not fear anyone when he has all 4 skills for his skill system.

The ability to cause shock damage of this hero is also very rare. Enemy champions will gasp when seeing the amount of damage that Visage can deal in a short time. At the same time, you should also build a suitable amount of magic damage to coordinate well between the attack and defense for your champion.

The mobility of this champion is average if compared to less mobile teams. If you’re worried about being caught oddly, then you can also kill the enemy before they know it.

This hero is also a terrible nightmare with the ability to extremely good Snowball. Fragile teams are always good prey for him.

Limiting weaknesses on this hero

This champion also has weaknesses that are easy to exploit when entering the mid-game. You need to pay attention to the following points to increase his strength to the maximum possible:

  • It is easy to get mouth-fed if you encounter champions who have the ability to deal damage per second. This champion’s intrinsic armor can be quite useful. However, its cooldown is quite long. Therefore, when fighting with champions with a lack of burning as a percentage of blood, Visage is almost useless.
  • The amount of mana supplied was too small compared to the need to use his skill. In large team fights, you should prioritize using this champion’s Ulti. If you do not have Ulti, you should wait for the Soul Assumption and launch this when the time is right.
  • The two monsters from this champion’s Ulti in the eyes of the mobile Ad are again a portable wallet. If you do not observe carefully, it is very easy to give money to the enemy team.
  • Besides summoning and controlling too many units at once, it makes the player quite confused. You must be very focused to control this champion well. At the same time, fighting wildly when meeting the champion and monsters of these two hard-to-protect Pet also makes players a little inhibited. It will be difficult to regulate the lane when your monsters keep hitting other units.