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In DOTA 2, Tips in the first 5 minutes of the game to win for a new player (Part 1)

Tips for a new player in Dota 2

Tips for a new player in Dota 2

The article is a compilation of experiences and sharing of DOTA 2 pro players, with a minimum rank of 6k and above. With some tricks and tips for new players, you can initially approach and understand the opponent’s mind.


With each position, role, and quality of the different players, players will tend to choose individual starting items. So choosing the equipment for the hero is one of the tips for new players to understand.

In the Safelane Carry position, the starting items for most of the top carry most of the fight against harassment from the opponent. Lane turrets and last hits are two basic things to focus on the early game for a carry. For these reasons, one or even two purchases of Tango are almost mandatory items for every carry. Stout Shield, Ring of Protection, or Quelling Blade are also common items, depending on your purpose.

However, when you are in the mid lane, unlike the safe lane carry, mid players tend to make items for the 1 to 1 solo rafter in the lane. Most go on Null Talisman or Wraith Band or Magic Wand, depending on which enemy to face. The remaining amount of money can be used to buy Faerie Fire, which helps you increase your chances of surviving a gank or Iron Branch – cheap but offers a few basic stats. In addition, mid players are often supported by 2 support tango before going to lane as a habit.

If the player comes from the Faerie Fire position is also one of the items commonly used by offlaners. Obviously, this is the position that always faces the most danger in the early stages of the match. Stout Shield, or even Poor Man’s Shield, is relatively popular. In addition, can not ignore typical recovery items such as Healing Salve, Tango, or even Clarities. Unlike in the solo mid position, the offlaners rarely equip themselves with Iron Branch.


In DOTA 2, Controlling creeps are also one of the good tips for new players. This will help you avoid unwanted damage and face downs.

Before the first turn creep appears, take advantage of wards in some key positions. Can ward deep to detect the position of offlane opponent, or river ward as well as enemy forestward for offlane position to ensure safety. In addition, the offlaner should also be available with the sentry. o that the safe lanes camp can block the opponent’s side. Thereby limiting the exp as well as the gold that the support of the enemy receives from lure creeps. Not to mention, moving early to the lane also helps you to be aware of the opponent’s ward positions.

Controlling Bounty runes in the first minute is also extremely important when in addition to the amount of gold brought. Bounty Rune also brings a large amount of exp, which can cause a difference in 1-1 matches in the mid. That is also the reason that solo mid heroes are often given the Bounty Rune early in the game. In order to effectively control the Bounty Rune, it is necessary to have coordination from a large number of members. Sometimes the whole team in case the opponent also mobilizes the same number.