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Overwatch – A basic guide for Ana in Overwatch

A basic guide for Ana in Overwatch

A basic guide for Ana in Overwatch

A sniper but as a Support, Ana is a champion that is first launched and quite unique thanks to both his skills and attack/healing. With a little practice time, you will become the most important support factor of your team and still harass the enemy team in the safest way.

Ana’s Biotic Rifle

A basic guide for Ana in Overwatch
  • Rate of fire: 1.2 rounds/sec
  • Damage: 80
  • 75HP HP / capsule
  • Box of ammunition: 10 rounds

Ana‘s gun shoots darts to help heal allies or damage enemies. The gun can enlarge the viewfinder and increase accuracy.

This is a pretty handy weapon for her when you do not have to change between healing or damaging bullets. However, her bullets do not count headshot damage and are timed (fairly short) damage, so if you want to cause damage to the enemy, you should simply drop the bullet into the body to be sure to hit.

Sleep Dart

  • Damage: 5
  • Sleep time: 5 seconds
  • Cooldown: 12 seconds

She shoots from her hand a fast sleeping dart that instantly loses the opponent’s sleep, if the target receives damage from any source, it will wake up. Ana will easily escape from the enemy if you can hit (especially in high-speed champions like Tracer), but you must quickly return to your team because this sleep only lasts 5 seconds. Although it seems to be quite a hegemony to be able to block almost all ultimate, this dart still has no effect when encountering defensive shields (Reinhard, Zarya, Winston …)

Ana ’s Biotic Grenade

A basic guide for Ana in Overwatch
  • Damage: 60
  • Cooldown: 10 seconds

Ana throws biological bombs to damage enemies and restores HP to allies within a certain range. Teammates will heal from all sides, while enemies will not be able to heal themselves within a certain time.

This skill will be a “surprise” gift for the enemy team if you use it at the right time and the right target: The blocking champions are healed by Mercy, the total combat is opened by Zenyatta or Lucio. If the enemy team does not attack, you can still spam bombs to heal your teammates faster.

Nano Boost

  • Buff time: 8 seconds

After she shoots a teammate with Nano Boost, the person will temporarily move faster, attack harder, and will receive less damage when attacked by the enemy.

Just like doping or stimulants, those who get a Nano Boost buff will be a real sweeping machine – especially when combined with other ultimates. You will want to buff tanks that are able to quickly (or at least be able to deal fast damage) like Winston, Genji, Reinhard, and avoid buffs for sniper champions, support, or away from the battlefield.

Basic instructions for playing Ana

  • Countered champions: Lucio, Mercy, Zenyatta
  • Counteract with: Genji, Reaper, Tracer

Like most heroes in the rear, Ana is very weak against champions who are capable of quickly approaching or sneaking from behind. Sleeping darts are the only escape method – if missed, then … good luck. However, she compensates for her with the ability to counter almost all current healers of Overwatch.