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7 Fun Offline Android Games That Are recommended for Low Specs Phones 2020

Low Specs Phones

For those of you who have Low Specs Phones, then this recommendation is for you. The exciting games that will be mentioned, only require a small memory capacity but with interesting gameplay! The growing gaming industry is accompanied by modern games that require high end smartphones. The requirement to download and play these games is large, a lot of players can’t enjoy them. 

Low Specs Phones

However, We will provide a list of the seven best offline android games that can be played on low-spec mobile phones. Even though it is a low-spec game, the apps that will be included in this article have excellent aspects that are no less exciting than other modern games.

Dungeon Quest – Low Specs Phones

Low Specs Phones

The average RPG game on Android will require a large memory capacity, even when it’s finished downloading you need additional space for additional patches. However, Dungeon Quest presents a similar game without filling your smartphone. 

In Dungeon Quest, you will complete various kinds of dungeons quest with different difficulty levels. There are three jobs that you can choose from, namely Warrior, Wizard, and Archer. Of course, each job has its own advantages and disadvantages. The essence of this game is that you have to frequently upgrade the heroes, so that you can keep getting stronger and pass the more difficult dungeons.

Auto Theft Gangster

In the style of GTA: San Andreas, Auto Theft Gangster made by Doodle Mobile only requires a capacity of 26MB for one download and of course there are additional patches that are around 100MB in size. For an open world game like this, the memory capacity offered is quite friendly for low spec phones. 

Of course, don’t expect a graphic display that is on par with the PC version because it’s quite far from the appearance and movement of the characters. It doesn’t stop there, the interaction with the NPCs will make this game even more interesting and exciting to play.

Once Upon a Tower – Low Specs Phones

Once Upon a Tower, is a game that has a very simple but addictive gameplay. When descending the Tower which is the background, you need to take your steps into account because there will be enemies blocking the path as well as some kind of treasure to open.

It is quite easy to play, you only need to hit the obstacle with a hammer that the princess is holding. That way you will continue to descend the Tower to the bottom. Well, after arriving at the bottom it means that the level has been completed and you will continue to the next stage. With this simple gameplay, you will consume only 47MB of memory on your phone.

Angry Bird Classic – Low Specs Phones

Low Specs Phones

This game with an iconic bird character is always fun to play. However, the increasing specifications for Angry Bird is quite high. Fortunately, you can still play the classic version which only takes up 90MB of memory. 

Even if you only throw the birds, you need to take into account the distance and speed because the fewer steps you use, the higher the score you will get. Of course, the enemy in the form of a pig with an annoying face is always there to beat!

The Walking Zombie: Dead City

You should try this Android FPS game, a zombie theme with 8bit graphics in the style of Minecraft, you will feel a new sensation. Never in your life, have you seen box zombies? Well, in this game you can kill it with tense and fun gameplay.

Of course, with the 8bit appearance of the zombie is even scarier but the shape is quite witty. For those of you who are interested in downloading this game, it only needs 96MB. Overall, The Walking Zombie: Dead City is very interesting to play, especially the storyline and stages that are presented are very fun to complete.