April 22, 2021


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Tekken 7: Quick Basic Tutorial for Playing Bob Richards

Bob Richards

Bob Richards

Bob Richards is an extremely well-round character that allows players to play a variety of play styles. He has a very strong pebble play with good mid lane, low CH, and low build. Not only is he a powerful slot-poke character, but Bob can also increase speed and start off with low shots.

Pros and Cons

Bob Richards


  • The play style of Bob Richards is very flexible.
  • Super powerful poking.
  • One of the best wall games.
  • Good approach.
  • High damage output at the wall.
  • Strong punishment outside of i15 launcher.


  • No i15 launcher.

Bob Richards notable frame punishmers


  • 10f: Various jab strings
  • 12f: f+2,3 (Knockdown/wallsplat, Unsafe)
  • 16f: u/f+1+2, 1+2 (Knockdown/wallsplat, Unsafe)
  • 18f: d/b+1+2 (Launch, Unsafe)
  • 20f: u/f+3 (Launch, Unsafe)


  • 11f: ws+4
  • 14f: ws+2,1 (Launch, Unsafe)
  • 20f: u/f+3 (Launch, Unsafe)

Lows and throws

d / b + 3_d / b + 4- Both are on the slow side. d / b + 3 offers a frame advantage when hit and a bit faster, but d / b + 4 has more range. The low slit punch isn’t a strong point of Bob Richards.

cd + 4,1 + 2- Bob’s hellsweep. Sure, the launch could be punishable, but it’s a menacing low that could cause opponents to bend over more and eat safe mid lanes. Always make the other person think that you are not hesitant to use this. You can create a high-risk reward mix by mingling the mess with the u / f + 3 or u / f + 1 + 2 implementation out of the dash. If for whatever reason you hate cheetahs, use d / b + 3 + 4.4 as a low threat level.

ff + 1 + 2- A throw must be broken by 1 + 2 and small juggling starts. Better when there’s a wall nearby.

Bob Richards midrange options

cd + 1- Bob’s electricity. Bob lunged forward with a safe punch (-2f), starting a juggling kick on the counter.

f, f + 2- Combined with a safe entry in the middle or with d + 2,1.

u / f + 3- Bob’s hopkick launcher is very slow, 20f, 5 frames slower than most hopkick. But it has a huge range that can be useful for punishing large shots. And of course, it’s fine to avoid predictable and punitive lows.

d + 1- This is a strange “get away from me” move with a long-range that can be deceived, extremely safe to hit. It causes Bob Richards to bend over so that you then have ws + 4 and the usual bow cancel options like glide and step-up. When counter-attacking, it hits the opponent on the ground and you gain an extra d + 1 or a b + 3.

f, f, f + 3 + 4- Bob has one more unique running move he learned from Blanka. It’s better than his No. 3 run, has the edge in blocking the road, and isn’t easy to get punished for after dodging it with the sidewalk.

Bob Richards niche Moves

Bob Richards

cd + 2- Shoryuken! When the opponent only needs to hit as slow as possible, this gives Bob Richards the best reward, even from very far range. Launching can be punishable so don’t just throw it out …

b + 2_b + 2,2_b + 2,2,4_b + 2,2,4,4- This move may have been broken, but the second hit of the string is high. However, the b + 2 is a mid-range 13f with a very low hitbox, so it’s a low anti-low move. This move is very important in the match against Xiaoyu and Eddy / Christie. b + 22 can often start juggling when caught in the air. Full chain is guaranteed against back-turning opponents and a quick launch helps you punish such situations very well.