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Injustice 2: Quick Basic Tutorial for Playing Captain Cold

Captain Cold

Captain Cold

Captain Cold is one of the Flash villains to appear in the Injustice: Comic Series and a playable character in Injustice 2.

Captain Cold Biography

Captain Cold

Sworn to put an end to all crimes, the Mode brutally pursues and executes every member of Rogues, including his sister, Golden Glider. Using his skills as a thief and his iconic Cold Gun, Cold is now seeking revenge. He would gladly use the Association to obtain it.

Captain Cold was first seen onstage during Gorilla Grodd’s speech to the Association. Later, he was seen with Grodd and a few other members of the Order, warning Grodd that he shouldn’t betray them. Grodd reassured him that he wouldn’t as long as they had a common agenda and sent him along with Cheetah to go with the first wave of soldiers. Before leaving, he told Grodd about the fearful shipment of the fear of being lost and he hopes that his “silent partner” can still deliver.

Powers and Abilities

He possesses a cold gun, which creates a cold field at absolute zero temperature, completely dissipates their kinetic molecules, preventing them from creating motion. Cold Guns can also shoot ice in the form of beams, creating ice wherever they attack. Cold is a good tactician and has led Rogues for many years.

Captain Cold Special Moves

  • Cold Blast: He shoots a piece of ice from his gun at the opponent.
  • Deathcicle: He shoots ice into the air. Then, ice appeared in one spot and a rain of ice dripped down to pierce the opponent.
  • The Wall: Captain Cold spreads a wall of ice in front of him.
  • Big Freeze: He shoots an icy shot at the opponent’s leg.
  • Frost Field: He shoots a cold field outside. If the opponent is caught in the ring, they will slowly take damage. If they stay too long, the opponent will be frozen for a few seconds.
  • Cyclotron Charge: He charges up his gun to increase damage from his attacks.
  • Frosted Tips: He wrapped himself in icy crystal armor. If the opponent tries to hit him, they will receive damage back to them.
  • Glacier Grenade: He shoots a small grenade out of a gun. It then emits a large icy field to slowly injure his opponent and eventually freeze him/her.
  • Cryogenic Blast: He unleashes a massive cold field around him, freezing anyone caught in it.

Character Power

Captain Cold

Cyclotron Charge (Hold Circle/B)

Captain Cold charged his frozen gun. Depending on how the fee is charged, he can do the following:

  • One charge – Dimming tip (Back + Circle / B)
  • Two Charges – Glacier Grenade (Forward + Circle / B)
  • Three Charges – Cryogenic Blast (Down + Circle / B)

Captain Cold Supermove

Absolute Zero (R2+L2/RT+LT)

He shoots a beam across the arena causing the enemy to freeze, though it can be intercepted. If the enemy is frozen, Captain Cold will begin to skate around the opponent, hitting them with quick shots from his Cold Gun. After the skating finishes, he creates a beam of ice, which he then drops directly at the enemy.