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Injustice 2: Quick Basic Tutorial for Playing Doctor Fate

Doctor Fate

Doctor Fate

Doctor Fate is a guest character in Injustice: Gods Among Us, and a playable character in Injustice 2. His outfit appears in The Hall of Justice, and he is a prominent character in the series. Injustice with his headquarters, Tower of Fate.

Doctor Fate Biography

Doctor Fate

The powerful witch Kent Nelson wears the Helm of Fate and sees the fate of all humanity, good or bad. He knows the world will end – either at the hand of Brainiac or during the fight between Batman and Superman. Although Helm forces Kent to preserve this grim fate for the sake of Order, Kent’s humanity forces him to intervene on behalf of his heroic friends – and risk the impossible consequences. foreseeable.

Doctor Fate first appeared after a confrontation in Gorilla City between heroes Green Arrow and Black Canary pitted against members of The Society Catwoman, Bane, and Gorilla Grodd.

He tries to warn the heroes of impending doom, and Brainiac is the one who orders the chaos caused by the inhabitants of Earth. After being defeated by the two heroes, Kent explained that he had lost control of Nabu but was also unable to help as he “changed fate too many times.” Then he left before saying it could not be stopped and that their fate was now in God’s hands.

Powers and Abilities

Doctor Fate
  • Wear the helmet, cloak, amulet, mystical amulet, and the robe of the god Nabu
  • Proficient in a variety of mystical arts
  • Levitation
  • Near the security hole
  • The power of flight
  • High resistance to magical forces

Doctor Fate Special Moves

Amon Ra Blast

Down, Forward + Square

He shoots a burst of magic from his hand at the opponent. The Meter Burn version adds two more explosions.

Displacer Orb

Down, Back + Square

He sends an orb towards his opponent, dealing damage to them on contact. The Meter Burn version stops the orb in place, acting as a danger to damage opponents if they get close to it.

Breath of Life

Down, Forward + Triangle

He summons a glyph emitting a healing aura that helps heal Doctor Fate if he is within range. The Meter Burn version has more healing glyph.

When under the influence of “Dark Magic”, it becomes Nabu’s Curse, instead of dealing damage over time to the opponent if they stay within its range. The Meter Burn version has a glyph that increases damage over time to the opponent.

Glyph of Osiris

Down, Back + Triangle

Spell of Judgment

Down, Back + X

Sharidum’s Lock

Down, Down + X

Character Power

Power of Apep

He increases the power of special moves with dark magic, for each attack increases the damage (All special attack combos remain the same)


The Amulet of Anubis

Doctor Fate unleashes a magical blast that pulls the enemy into a talisman on his chest. This attack works at medium range but can be blocked. If successful, the enemy will be dragged into an ancient room where Fate’s three doctors are waiting for him. One smashed them against the wall, the other hit them with dual Displacer Orbs, and the last shot them with Osiris’ Glyph, sending them flying out of their talisman.