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Injustice 2: Quick Basic Tutorial for Playing Red Hood

Red Hood

Red Hood

Red Hood combines the melee combat training he got from Batman with his lethal dual pistol. Best used at close range, he can deal a lot of damage with his various kicks and punches. When it comes to closing some distance or quickly getting rid of a crash, his lunges can be quite helpful.

How to Play Red Hood

Red Hood

Red Hood is a fighter who does well at zoning opponents through his equipment, as his stars easily neutralize anyone who tries to rush from above while mines can. hard to avoid. The latter is perhaps his most useful piece of equipment as they fling enemies into the air, allowing skilled players to juggle them.

Try to Cancel Special Moves on them, preferably mid-range mines, as this will throw it behind them blocking all escape routes. For many of his moves such as Extreme Measures and Death In The Family, the combo will end up with enemies on the ground, which is perfect for throwing a mine at their right. This blast will usually go off as they stand up allowing players to follow up with a move like Seek revenge or even a bounce wall if the right time.

Another good basic combo is Under the Hood to Death in the Family, which will end up with them on the ground once again and perfectly set up for a mine. However, it’s possible that your enemy is adapting to constantly throwing them up, so be sure to practice throwing up your Gotham Stars or simply using air to neutralize them.

You can also use Akimbo Blaze to fire bullets at your enemies but be warned as this often leaves you with no room to actually do extra damage. What you’ll want to do is finish most combos with your Character Strength as they do a substantial amount of damage. Both his Switch and Shoot and Bullet Storm will end up with a Red Hood knocking out the opponent behind him, so if you’re in a corner or near someone try using one of these to turn the tables.

Character Power

Character Power of Red Hood is called the Going Ballistic and it is a pose that allows Jason to trigger quests on his stock. This gives him a new set of moves that can deal a decent amount of damage to the opponent, however, the tricky point is that he cannot move after it is activated.

His attacks, beyond a bullet’s movement range, have the very little reach, so you’ll need to stay fairly close to your opponent to attack. It’s also quite difficult to incorporate into this Character Strength since the ending animation takes a second or two.

So if you want to use his Character Power, we recommend using it at the end of combos as the entire move will end with a low attack knocking out your enemies. One of the easiest ways to use this stance is to smash walls at your enemies and then catch them as they plunge.

There is only enough air time for you to activate his power and enter the attack sequence. This pose is also great for long-range enemies like Deadshot as you can quickly activate it and then press Triangle (PS4), Y (Xbox One) to fire a single round on the screen. Quick Shot is a great safe way to mess with your enemies, so feel free to use it whenever you have a chance.

Red Hood Supermove

Red Hood

Gotham’s Outlaw (R2+L2/RT+LT)

He throws grenades at opponents from mid-range. This move can be blocked. If successful, he will throw a grenade behind the opponent and kick them in it, causing them to fly into the air. He then launched a series of gunshots from his pistol before jumping into the air. Meeting an opponent in the air, Red Hood attached a bomb to their back and sent them flying back to the ground in a blast. For her final shot, he aimed at the bomb, causing a devastating blast.