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Injustice 2: Quick Basic Tutorial for Playing Scarecrow



Scarecrow mainly uses the Normal (s) to pry an opponent from a safe distance. One important thing to note about his Normal (s) is that they have a long Recovery Framework so your opponent can easily punish you if you’re not careful enough. Other than this, his Character Strength deals DOT and increases base damage.

Playing as Scarecrow


His 1, 2, 3 is +2 on the block and high, so you can break it with a low hit. Strings b + 1, 2 are low start strings with good ranges, and you can undo the initial two hits to initiate a combo. The b + 2, 2, 1, 3 string is a four-shot sequence that starts from the middle and consists of two low kicks. The third hit is safe and gives you enough time to start your mix or cancel into a special. 2, 2, f + 3 are a good match point and put you at a safe distance.

You can use f + 2 to knock your opponent into the air to initiate a combo. Note, however, that the attack is insecure on the block but you can go with f + 2, 1 to end the chain with a special one. Your F + 1, 3 is a slow start but it does cover a lot of scopes and can be destroyed in a combination. D + 2 is one of the best air defense attacks in the game with an amazing range. His f + 3 is said to have the longest range in the game and although it’s quite slow it is a useful move.

The character’s Db + 1 is both a combo expansion pack and a combo expansion set. You can also move while moving your chain and cancel it in other attacks. B, f + 1 is another good match with a decent range. His Db + 2 can destroy projectiles. D, u is a teleport you can use to close the gap but don’t overdo it because your opponent can punish you easily.

Scarecrow Best Combos

e have detailed some of the best combos of Scarecrow that you can use:

  • f +2, db, f +3
  • 2, 2, db, f + 3
  • 1, 2 db + 1, MB
  • f +3, uf +1, 2, 2, db, f + 3
  • f + 3, MB, uf + 1, 2, 2, db, f + 3
  • b + 2, 2, 1, db + 1, MB, uf +3, f + 2, db, f + 3
  • d + 1, db + 1, MB, b + 3, uf + 3, f + 2, 1, db, f +3
  • b + 2, 2, 1, db + 1, MB, uf + 2, f + 2, 1, b, f + 1, MB

Character Power


Fear (Circle/B)

Scarecrow unleashes his Fear Toxin:

  • Inner Fear (Circle / B) – Releases a cloud of fear around he deals damage over time and fills the Terror Meter
  • Traumatize (Circle / B) – A strong hit can only be performed when


Death Bed (R2+L2/RT+LT)

He tears open a portal and release crows at the opponent. This move can be blocked through the low block and he must be near her opponent. If successful, a hook will fly out of the gate, grab the enemy and pull them into the gate. A giant Scarecrow, which causes fear, will then smash its enemies to the ground multiple times.