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Injustice 2: Quick Basic Tutorial for Playing Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman

Also known as Themyscira’s Princess Diana in her hometown, Wonder Woman is a protagonist of DC Comics and a founding member of the Justice Alliance. She was related to various Greek gods at different times in her history, such as Aphrodite and Zeus.

Wonder Woman Special Moves

Wonder Woman

The Special Moves of Wonder Woman mainly revolves around her equipment, it’s Bracelets, Lasso of Truth, swords, and shields. The Lasso of Truth is a great skill to bring your opponents closer while dealing damage, and the Dress of Devotion is a good defensive skill to use to block any damage received.

  • Lasso of Truth – Left, Right + Light Attack
  • Bracelets of Submission – Down, Left + Light Attack
  • (Air) Shield Toss – Left, Right + Medium Attack
  • Upward Shield Toss – Down, Left + Medium Attack
  • (Air) Downward Shield Toss – Down, Left + Medium Attack
  • Amalthea Bash – Left, Right + Heavy Attack
  • Upward Amalthea Bash – Down, Left + Heavy Attack

Wonder Woman Combo Attacks

Wonder Woman has many useful combo attacks, all of which can be used in certain situations for a powerful effect. Both Parade Found and Eyes of the Gorgon capitalize on Diana’s precision with her sword, dealing fast but heavy damage to opponents in a matter of seconds.

  • Paradise Lost – Light Attack, Light Attack
  • League of One – Light Attack, Light Attack, Heavy Attack
  • The Hiketeia – Left + Light Attack, Light Attack
  • Gods and Mortals – Left + Light Attack, Light Attack, Medium Attack
  • Spirit of Truth – Down + Light Attack, Medium Attack
  • Paradise Found – Medium Attack, Medium Attack
  • Warkiller – Medium Attack, Medium Attack, Heavy Attack
  • Challenge of the Gods – Left + Medium Attack, Heavy Attack
  • Eyes of the Gorgon – Right + Medium Attack, Heavy Attack

Character Power

Hippolyta’s Light When you activate Hippolyta’s Light, the game will randomly select one of the five available buff spells and apply them to Wonder Woman. Characters can receive a buff for Recovery, Bracelet, Shield, Lasso, or Mobility, and can only apply one buff at a time.

Basic Attacks

  • Elbow Bash – Light Attack
  • Back Slash – Left + Light Attack
  • Low Strike – Down + Light Attack
  • Warrior Cut – Medium Attack
  • Lasso Slam – Left + Medium Attack
  • Bladed Pain – Right + Medium Attack
  • Whip Lash – Down + Medium Attack
  • Warrior’s Boot – Heavy Attack
  • Amazon Spin – Left + Heavy Attack
  • Heavy Shield Smash – Right + Heavy Attack
  • Ankle Breaker – Down + Heavy Attack
  • Flick Kick – Up + Light Attack
  • Straight Cut – Up + Medium Attack
  • Lasso Strike – Up + Heavy Attack
  • Forward Throw – Left + Light Attack + Heavy Attack
  • Back Throw – Light Attack + Heavy Attack
  • Amazon Spin – Down, Left, Right Trigger
  • Heavy Shield Smash – Down, Right, Right Trigger
  • Roll Escape – Right, Right, Right Trigger
  • Up Air Escape – Up + Right Trigger
  • Away Air Escape – Left + Right Trigger

Wonder Woman Supermove

Wonder Woman

Princess Power

Wonder Woman slammed her braces together, creating a dazzling glow. She must be near the enemy, and the enemy cannot be blocked. Upon landing the attack, she attacks her opponents, throws them into the air, jumps up and knocks them back to the ground, throws her sword and shield at them, then lands right above their chest.