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Fortnite: Green Arrow Comes Out Next Month


It seems like we can’t go almost a week without the Epic Games announcing a new crossover item or event that’s coming to Fortnite. Even in the middle of this big holiday week, Epic did it again, this time announcing the skin of Fortnite Green Arrow.


DC Comics and Epic Games are collaborating again, and so this time to bring us the long-awaited skin of Fortnite Green Arrow. Fan’s favorite playboy archer is among the most popular characters in the DC universe right now, particularly due to his prevalence on TV.

The Green Arrow show has been going on for a number of years and seasons, kicking off the successful and popular TV universe that is still going on, even if it’s without him leading the pack at this time. That said, in the coming weeks, Epic hasn’t stopped introducing him to the Fortnite universe.

FTIt makes perfect sense for him to release this season as Fortnite’s fifth season is mostly about bounty hunters. If there’s a hunter in the DC Comics universe, one of the top candidates will certainly be none other than Green Arrow himself.

The official Fortnite Green Arrow skin will be published very soon, coming out for certain players only in early January next year. That’s right, you’re not going to be able to pick up this crossover skin in the item shop or unlock it through the fight pass like other superheroes in the past.

How to Get the Green Arrow Skin Pack – Fortnite

The Fortnite Green Arrow skin would kick off the new Epic Games trend and theoretically set the stage for more crossovers to come this way. You’re only going to be able to get this skin in one way, and, yeah, it’s going to cost you some real world currency to get it.

You would have to be a part of the Fortnite Crew as the Green Arrow crossover skin will become the next monthly drop to come out for this relatively new subscription service. If you’re not one of the active subscribers in the month of January, you’re going to miss out on this skin forever as far as we know.

Technically, you won’t even have to wait for the new year to come round if you’re an actively engaged subscriber at the moment, depending on where you live in the globe.

The Fortnite Green Arrow skin will be unlocked for all subscribers in the game on December 31 at 4 p.m. PT, 7 p.m. ET. 

For the vast majority, that will be on January 1, 2021. This skin will be an exclusive for the Fortnite Crew subscribers only , but there is nothing stopping you from joining the group so long as you have the money to subscribe for the next month.

For those who are unfamiliar with the Fortnite Crew subscription program, a new subscription launched this month and awards 1000 V-Bucks to all players every single month you sign up, plus the current paid battle pass for the season if you don’t already have it, and a skin of some kind.