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Fortnite: Increase FPS with Performance Mode!


Fortnite has recently introduced a mode to make the game optimal. This mode is called Performance Mode which can provide a variety of significant jumps to get a very smooth framerate but at the expense of visuals. Fortnite Performance Mode was introduced to allow gamers with less powerful GPU and CPU to play the game. 

The purpose of Fortnite’s Performance Mode is to give more gamers the opportunity to play the popular battle royale game on the Epic Games Store. Fortnite Performance Mode can provide an additional 20 fps for gamers. 


It should be noted, Performance Mode has indeed succeeded in increasing fps in the game but the visual quality in the game will be reduced. 

How to Activate Performance Mode – Fortnite

Previously, you had to delete the High Resolution Texture Pack which was up to 14GB in size.

But for now you just need to activate performance mode by disable the existing High Resolution Texture Pack without having to delete it. After that is done, this game will automatically lower the visuals.

Of course, those of you who are interested in playing this game still need to have at least 6GB of RAM or use an SSD to play the game more smoothly. Because after all, Fortnite is an online game that requires abundant hardware resources.


And also, Fortnite through Epic Games did an improvise to adjust the visuals on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X machines.

Because after all, having a mid-end or high-end PC is not an easy matter for most gamers. With the increasingly friendly Fortnite hardware, the hope is of course that Epic Games can increase the number of players in the game.

According to the available information, Performance Mode begins on Tuesday 15/12/2020. For those of you who are interested can try it and don’t forget to try it out on a PC or laptop with low end specifications to see the results!

Stay tuned for more news and updates!