July 28, 2021


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Fortnite: Leak reveals how weapon mod attachments works

weapon mod attachments

After it was leaked that Epic Games had apparently been experimenting with Weapon Mod  Attachments in Fortnite a few weeks ago, more information were revealed about the system itself, including how it might work when it is implemented.

weapon mod attachments

Weapon mods and attachments

There’s nothing new about the possibility of weapon mods in Fortnite. Back in December, HYPEX’s notable leaker revealed that the idea was undergoing testing by the Epic Games, but did not go into more detail on how it would work. Now he’s got his hands on more info.

These mods appear to be working similar like other attachments in other shooters, according to data miner.  Players will be able to drop and attach new mods at any time they want, and each attachment will act like an item.

This implies players can come across various mods/attachments around the map and pick them up like other items.

In addition, HYPEX also stated that there is a function linked to the “PrintValidWeaponMods” feature, which means that weapons have “specific valid mods” that work with each weapon.

While not verified, this seems to mean that some weapons may have unique attachments/mods that can only be used on that gun, not others.

Finally, he disclosed that each weapon would have multiple mod slots, meaning that players would not be limited to just one attachment while making their way through each match.

Unfortunately, no further details of the system itself have been leaked. There is no telling what other kind of attachments/mods people will see from the feature. Will players be able to add optics, extended mags, or grips that reduce backlash/spread? 

Only time is going to tell at this point. There is also no time frame for the feature to hit Fortnite, or even a 100% acknowledgement that it will end up being added.

The current season of the game is set to end on March 15th, so Epic may be able to squeeze out enough testing over the next few months to be able to introduce the feature during the Season 6 launch, but that’s pure speculation.