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Fortnite: The Top 6 Skins for 2020



This year, Fortnite has been going deeper into the second chapter of the game with epic stories over recent seasons.Started in February, Fortnite Chapter Two, season two, brought with it a conspiracy of the game law involving the secret agencies E.G.O. and A.L.T.E.R. 


The season centered on spies in all facets of the game, ranging from new map structures to published skins. The event totally modified the map to make room for the third season. 

During this season, the map was saturated with water, with locations steadily rising to the surface as the season progressed.

Last season, Fortnite treated fans to one of the most awaited celebrations featuring the Marvel comic book franchise. In this season, heroes gathered to protect the planet from an incoming intergalactic invasion. 

During this season, several fans of favorite comic book characters were released as skins in the game. While there are many excellent choices, we’ve narrowed the 10 best skins of 2020.

The Top 6 Skins of Fortnite in 2020.

Doctor Doom – Fortnite


In both the Marvel comics and Fantastic Four movies, Doctor Doom’s appearance remains faithful to his look. As an enemy who will drop their signature weapon after being eliminated, Doctor Doom was the first Marvel character to be added into the game. The skin is visually impressive and one of the best to come out in 2020.


The crafting of this skin is impressive, with the texture popping on each piece of Groot bark. Given its size and strong appearance, this skin is sure to stand out in-game while at times allowing you to blend in with the surrounding forest. Accessible inside the season four battle pass, this is a skin that you might not use all the time, but it doesn’t take away from the show.

Deadpool  РFortnite

Second season not only gave fans their first taste of Marvel’s collaborations for the year with Deadpool as part of the battle pass.

The loud-mouthed mercenary is wearing a distinct red and black suit with two swords strapped to his back. The crafting of this skin is extraordinary and truly depicts the character’s appearance from the comics.

Acquiring Deadpool involved quite different weekly challenges, leaving some players unable to get this skin.But for those who have been able to, this is one of the best skins available today.


Players were able to obtain the skin of the second season antagonist Midas by completing the 100-tier battle pass. This skin has multiple variants, all of which give the character its solid gold appearance while changing clothes to either all white or all black. Given the significance of the character, it only seemed fair that he made it our top ten list.

Aquaman – Fortnite

Moving to Fortnite, chapter two, season three. Players were able to get the DC Comics hero skin for the first time without having to buy it from the store.

Aquaman was added to the game to suit the aquatic theme of the season. A variety of weekly challenges had to be completed in order to acquire this skin. Styled after the 2018 movie Jason Momoa Aquaman, this skin had two versions: one with regular clothes on, and the other with the Atlantean armor plating. For the fans of the film, this skin depicts the hero precisely and makes a fine addition to the 2020 skin roster.



As season three started, several of Marvel’s most famous comic book characters were added to the game to be claimed throughout the battle pass. Among the most impressive and popular was the skin of Wolverine.

This mutant came with a variety of looks styling his appearance to suit both the movies and the comics. Along with his skin, Wolverine’s claws were also added to the game as a drop that could be found by defeating the character in combat or randomly surrounding the map.

This item would see the ability of the player to decimate enemies from a close range. Wolverine is one of the best skins of the Marvel season.