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Fortnite: TSM exits, releases pro players from its roster


TSM has announced the dismissal of its Fortnite division and is subsequently splitting up with three professional players.


Leaving Fortnite scene

Team SoloMid formalized the news of leaving the Fortnite scene on Monday, leaving three of its professional players as free agents. The news wraps up Rocco “Saf” Morales, Mack “MackWood” Aesoph and Kerry “Ferrrnando” Salas in TSM for the 2021 season.

TSM exits may have an impact on the three players’ opportunity to compete for a $20 million prize pool. The developer has recently bumped $3 million in prize money. Before the announcement, the community had foreseen a lower prize pool, given the recent decline in the winnings. 

However, the developer has increased the prize by a significant margin, possibly the largest in the current competitive calendar. The players might just want to find a team before the start of the season to participate in the competition.

TSM gives up Fortnite esports roster

TSM came onto the scene of Fortnite Esports when it was still in its embryonic stages. The exit is certainly disconcerting for their fans as the well known organization watered the growing eco-system by bringing forward some of the best professional players.

While Saf and Ferrnando were new additions to the team, Mackwood had been on the payroll of TSM since 2019. The players have decorated resumes in the Royal Battle of Epic Games.

Mackwood and Saf had previously won the Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS), a renowned Fortnite esports title. This should make it easier for them to hunt for a new home if the players want to compete again in the future.

Team SoloMid may have withdrawn its professional Fortnite division, but the organization maintains its content creators around the game. 

The team currently includes Sardar “ops” Ghafoor, Josh “Commandment” Roach, and Anthony “ZexRow” Colandro, who are pushing out Battle Royale content. While Zexrow wants to switch between Fortnite and other trendy games, Commandment has solely stuck to the Royal Battle of Epic Games.

Taking a look at TSM current strategy, it seems that it follows in the footsteps of other organizations, including Chaos Esports and 100 Thieves. Who have switched some game divisions to promote content creation rather than competitive efforts. After the release of its professional players, more new video content can be expected from TSM.