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forZe vs Anonymo Esports Prediction – ESEA GROUP A – 11/19

forZe vs Anonymo Esports Prediction

forZe vs Anonymo Esports Prediction

forZe vs Anonymo Esports prediction on November 19, 2021. Looking at the win rates in all 7 maps of the two teams, it is not natural for analysts to assume that Anonymo Esports will bring back at least 1 winning game.

forZe Overview

Confronting a name that is not too difficult in the group stage of the European ESEA S39 tournament, Anonymo Esports, forZe is considered to be the winner of this match. 

It is not surprising that they are the 24th ranked team in the world, while the opponent ranked at 50th place is still a very long distance away in terms of strength. However, experts also predict that this is not an easy victory for forZe, as their recent performance is not stable.

Anonymo Esports Overview

Statistics show that the last 10 matches forZe lost 6 but only won 4 matches, it is clear that their drop point is not good at this time. Meanwhile, Anonymo Esports is showing a positive face. In the last 10 matches, they won 6 but lost only 4 matches. 

The last 2 losses of Anonymo Esports are also close defeats with a score of 1-2. It can be seen that this team has many cards that can bring back at least 1 winning game.

forZe vs Anonymo Esports Prediction

It is true that forZe owns many maps with an overwhelming win rate. But Anonymo Esports also has 2 maps with impressive win rates, Vertigo and Inferno. Coincidentally, these 2 maps forZe also do not have a very good win rate. Inferno has only won 47% in the last 15 matches and Vertigo has shot 2 times in the last 3 months and lost both.

The possibility of forZe ban Vertigo is relatively high when at least they still have the door to flip in Inferno. But forZe’s ability to win is relatively low when the current form is unstable. As for Anonymo Esports, they were forced to ban forZe’s most dangerous map, Mirage. But this did not affect much forZe when they were able to get Dust 2, a map with a more stable win rate than Anonymo. 

Esports is quite jealous of this map when you shoot 4 times, you will win 1. From the above comments, the possibility of having to shoot the 3rd map is relatively high. But forZe is still the team that has more advantages when owning many maps with a high win rate. 

It can be mentioned that Ancient, Nuke, or Overpass can all defeat Anonymo Esports neatly. Not to mention the level of the two teams is different. Whatever the case, forZe’s lineup still has quality names like jerry or zorte, while Anonymo Esports doesn’t have a strong enough name. That’s why they were lucky enough to win in a game, also because Anonymo Esports practiced a lot on that map.

forZe vs Anonymo Esports Bet Prediction

forZe vs Anonymo Esports total score prediction:

  • Game 1: forZe 1-0 Anonymo Esports
  • Game 2: forZe 0-1 Anonymo Esports
  • Game 3: forZe 1-0 Anonymo Esports

Total score 2-1 (Anonymo wins the handicap 1.5)

First 5 rounds:

  • Game 1: forZe
  • Game 2: Anonymo Esports
  • Game 3: forZe

Total rounds:

  • Game 1: forZe 16-9 Anonymo Esports (Under)
  • Game 2: forZe 12-16 Anonymo Esports (Over)
  • Game 3: forZe 16-8 Anonymo Esports (Under)


forZe: Jerry, KENSI, zorte, shalfey, Norwi

Anonymo Esports: Snax, rallen, innocent, Kylar, snatchie