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ForZe vs Finest Prediction – ESEA Premier Season 39 – 11/09

ForZe vs Finest Prediction

ForZe vs Finest Prediction

ForZe vs Finest prediction on November 09, 2021. The match is within the framework of ESEA Premier Season 39 Europe. As we all know, the CIS region is winning brilliantly in both the biggest games, Dota 2 and CSGO. In general, this is raising all the teams playing here by a notch. After names like Gambit, Na` Vi … ForZe – a long-standing Russian team is also having strong momentum.

ForZe Overview

With a mixed coalition like Finest, it is difficult to get far or resound. Like FaZe Clans before, they will encounter a huge disadvantage in terms of communication. Although just established in 2019, Finest has had a dizzying change in personnel to produce the current lineup. Of course, this drawback is not yet overcome. 

Currently, they are ranked 62nd HLTV with the only Israeli star named Anarkez – the 21-year-old guy who shot OP. That’s pretty much all we have about Finest at the moment.

Finest Overview

As for ForZe, many experts have said that if ForZe can keep its members and continue to develop. They will become a big force in the future like Copenhagen Flames at the last Major. Winning Sinners, winning G2, Virtus.Pro. Even Complexity is proof that ForZe going to the big sea is not too far behind the leading teams. 

Zorte is their main spearhead, but ForZe also follows the path of Gambit. They do not depend on a single star, train hard at all competitive maps. Most importantly, they always focus on the teammate’s gameplay. They also have no shortage of outstanding individuals who can rotate to shine.

ForZe vs Finest Prediction

Obviously, at the moment we have a huge difference! Currently, ForZe ranks 25 HLTV and after the update, they may rank even higher, but there is one factor to consider. ESEA-style tournament systems are always a place for strong teams to practice. 

At least during the group stage, so we see ForZe also stumble a lot in games against GamerLegion for example (consecutive lost the last 2 matches) as good as the losses against AVE and K23. Of course, this will happen often, ForZe is not strong enough to only participate in big tournaments like top teams. 

Therefore, despite the large disparity existing, the outcome of this match is still very unpredictable. This is a BO3 match, Finest is still easier on the map they will choose. Mirage and Overpass are where they have the highest win rates, both above 70%, this number for Forze is not bad either, 50 and 63%. 

The fact that both teams have good aimers and high performance will also push the game into an unpredictable position. It team CT will benefit more, but T site, ForZe shoots much better and it has been proven. Remember one thing for sure, in the last 15 matches of ForZe, they won a lot of big guys but don’t know “accidentally or intentionally” they “turned the boat in the ditch” before the teams that are much lower-rated!

ForZe vs Finest Bet Prediction

ForZe vs Finest total score prediction: ForZe 2-1 Finest 

Total rounds:

  • Game 1: ForZe 16 – 11 Finest (Over)
  • Game 2: ForZe 12 – 16 Finest (Over)
  • Game 3: ForZe 16 – 09 Finest (Under)


ForZe: Jerry – KENSI – Zorte – shelfey – Norwi

Finest:  robiin – mar – kreaz – anarkez – shokz