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Free Fire: Get a Motorcycle & Katana for FREE at the Chrono Wheel Event!


Currently, Operation Chrono is ongoing and Free Fire is holding lots of interesting events that players can participate in. One of these events is the Chrono Wheel event where players can spin the wheel and get cool prizes! 

Chrono Wheel will offer players a total of 8 prizes, including 2 grand prizes. To get one of these prizes, players must first spin the prize wheel.


Actually, you have to spend Diamonds for each round, but luckily you can do the first round for FREE! And at the Chrono Wheel event, the prizes that players have received will not be lost, but players can receive the same prizes in different rounds except for the grand prize.

But don’t you worry about not receiving the main prize, because Free Fire itself has issued “Bad Luck Protection” where players are guaranteed the grand prize in 10 rounds. If you really do have bad luck, at least every 10th turn you will still receive either a motorbike or a Chrono katana.

Below are the complete steps to play the Wheel event!

Chrono Wheel Event


Open Garena Free Fire and click the calendar icon on the right side of the screen, and Click on the news tab. 

Click on the Wheel option and click the “Go To” button. 

Press the Spin button to spin once.

All prizes can be found in the “Vault” through the Free Fire main menu.

The Chrono Wheel event has been going on from December 14th and will end on December 20, 2020. Therefore Players must play it immediately before the event is over, in order to get attractive prizes !!

That’s the Wheel event where players can get Motor & Katana Chrono in Free Fire for free! Stay tuned for more news and information!