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Free Fire: 1 Hit kill ?! Here’s an Easy Way to Be Good at Using a Shotgun.

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For those of you who are shotgun users and still often miss your target on Free Fire, There are a number of tips that you can follow so that your shotgun shots are always right on the enemy without missing the least! 

Surely you are already curious? Instead of getting curious, let’s see the following  for shotgun users on Free Fire. Guaranteed to work!

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Tips For Shotguns Users on Free Fire

M1887 Shotgun

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The first thing you have to pay attention to is the selection of weapons guys. Try to use this shotgun called the M1887. Why?

Because this shotgun has a decent range and extraordinary damage. Of course you can only get this weapon in the airdrop.

M1014 Shotgun

Apart from using the M1887, you can also use the M1014 shotgun. This shotgun can produce high damage. By using this one weapon, you can kill the enemy in just 1 hit. Interested in trying?

Find a Narrow Spot

Because shotgun weapons have a short range, try to find some places that are narrow. Always try to be near or inside the building. Because with a shotgun, you can win if the fight takes place in a narrow place like in a building.

Pay Attention to Attack Distance

You must pay attention to your attack distance and surrounding area. Try to get very close to the enemy, because the closer you get, the shotgun will be very deadly. If you are far ahead of the enemy, then you have to rotate or flank first to get close to the enemy you are after.

Jumpshot Technique

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In the last sequence, there is a technique that is the most popular in Free Fire, it is called  Jumpshot. You can do Jumpshot while using a shotgun.

The method is quite simple, you only need to jump in front of the enemy while shooting your shotgun. This method is quite powerful because getting a headshot rate is very high.

Above are the tips for shotgun users on Free Fire guys! Stay tuned for more information and updates!