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Free Fire: Information Regarding “The New Beginning”, Futuristic Themed!

Free Fire

The latest update from Free Fire is finally here, and the server has been opened since it was subjected to maintenance yesterday afternoon. Players can now enjoy various of new features in the latest updates, and did you realize that Free Fire also added a name?

Yes, since the updates and new patches were implanted in the game, Free Fire has a new name, namely: The New Beginning. It looks like this update is a huge update that the developer has made to this game so far.

Now, Let’s take a look at the information about the new

Free Fire: The New Beginning Has a Futuristic Theme

Free Fire

If you enter Free Fire right now, you will realize that from the start when you enter the lobby to play the game, you already have a new theme. The theme in this update is futuristic, which shows future items with designs that are cool. Even the Spawn Island that you occupied before the game started, has received its changes, of course. This is actually related to the new character collaboration with Cristiano Ronaldo which will come in mid-December.

Weapons, Pet, New Characters 

There will be a new character who will take the form of a famous soccer player, Cristiano Ronaldo. As has been leaked above.

In addition to the characters, the new weapon you have been waiting for is also present, namely Vector Akimbo, which can give you the Dual Wield feature.

Free Fire

Don’t forget the new pet that Free Fire fans have been waiting eagerly for, Beaston, which you can now buy directly at the Shop. It is reported that Beaston can increase your grenade, gloo walls, flashbangs, and smoke grenades throwing distance.

The new  update is now officially available on Google Play and Apple App Store!!

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