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Free Fire: Max 5.0 Launches, Getting Closer to Global Release?

Free Fire

You should already know that Garena is preparing for the game Free Fire Max? The latest news, this game has just received an update to the Open Beta 5.0 version. Or, now commonly called Free Fire Max 5.0. This battle royale game, which is still being developed by Garena, is predicted to present a battle with stunning graphics. In fact, Free Fire Max 5.0 can also run at 4K resolution if your device supports it.

Free Fire

So, what are the updates that Free Fire Max 5.0 brings, after upgrading from the previous version, namely FreeFire Max 4.0 which is arguably quite satisfying? 

What’s Different?

If you enter this game, you will immediately realize that Max is getting cooler. When you enter the lobby, the appearance of the lobby has completely changed! You will now see the appearance of the character you are using. Like, but with more visible character details.

Several features have also been added to the Max 5.0 lobby. Now you can see and rotate your character 360 degrees. Besides that, there is also a Rank that appears in the holographic display in your lobby.

Because the Free Fire Max update this time coincides with the OB25 update and the Operation Chrono event on FreeFire, you can find all the OB25 update material and also the futuristic nuances of Operation Chrono Max today.

For gameplay and graphics, We feel there is no difference compared Max 4.0.

Free Fire

When will Free Fire Max be released?

So, for the release date, until now Garena has not been able to confirm when FreeFire Max will be released globally. In fact, the Open Beta version is currently only accessible by three countries, namely Bolivia, Malaysia, and Vietnam.

For those of you who are still curious to try the Free Fire Max 5.0 game, please be patient. In the meantime, you can take part in the pre-register via the FreeFire Max page on the Google PlayStore.