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Free Fire: The 5 Best Pet for December 2020

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One of the uniqueness of Free Fire is that it has a pet feature. This feature helps players in their gameplay by providing players with unique skill effects. Pets have become a crucial aspect in Free Fire. Currently, there are over 12 pets available in Free Fire with unique skills. These pets can be obtain directly from the Free Fire in-game shop.

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So, Are you curious about the 5 best pets of 2020?  Let’s take a look at the following lists.

Mr. Waggor – Free Fire

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Mr. Waggor is considered the best pet for the month of December 2020. Mr. Waggor has the unique ability to generate Gloo Wall when you don’t have it in your bag. Uniquely, you can pass the Gloo Wall or give it to your teammates. 


The second pet is “Falco” which is the best pet for squad mode. It has the effect of the Skyline Spree skill, which increases the speed of sliding when skydiving and opening the parachute dramatically. In competitive games, usually one of the players on the team will definitely bring Falco. This allows all team members to land, secure locations, and loot earlier than other teams.

Ottero – Free Fire

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Pet Ottero is the best choice to help you survive. Having the Double Blubber skill which functions to restore a little EP when using Medkits or Treatment Gun, you will also get extra HP recovery from the EP regeneration effect given by Ottero.


Next is Rockie. It has the skill “Stay Chill” which has the effect of reducing the cooldown of your character’s active skills by up to a maximum of 15%. Rockie is suitable to combine with characters with strong active skills such as Alok, K, and Clu. Rockie can also be very fun to play for solo mode or squad mode.

Night Panther – Free Fire

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Pet Night Panther is perfect as a substitute for the Paloma character skill which has a function to save bag capacity. Having a Weight Training skill that will increase the player’s bag capacity by 45 allows you to accommodate more loot. Which is very useful for late game battles.