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Free Fire: The Reason Why Many Gamers are Playing!

Free Fire

Free Fire

Free Fire is one of the most widely played mobile games. Some people may already understand the reasons why so many gamers play FreeFire. However, there are still many people who underestimate this game.

It has been three years since Free Fire was first released on September 30, 2017. During that time, the battle royale game made by Garena has managed to break the record as a mobile version of the game which has more than 100 million active players in one day. This is certainly a record!

Free Fire

What’s more, even though there are many new games that have sprung up, Free Fire’s popularity can still be maintained. So, what makes the game’s popularity continue to increase? Let’s take a look below!

Free Fire is different from other Battle Royale genre games

For those of you who have tried battle royale games before, you might realize how different Free Fire is from other games. There are several new gameplay added to the game. This makes Free Fire stand out from the crowd.

The presence of characters who have skills and pets is something that stands out from Free Fire. While playing, there are tons of things you can buy and earn. In addition, the developer also regularly updates so that players won’t feel bored.

Easy to Play and Learn

Free Fire’s gameplay is n’t as difficult as other battle royale games. This game has a shorter game duration with a lobby of only 50 people. The play area is also smaller. With these conditions, players are forced to engage in more action in the game.

Even though the gameplay is easy to learn, that doesn’t mean you can win matches easily. You only have 10 minutes to win the match. You have to combine playing skills with accurate strategies to get Booyah!

Free Fire

Compatible for All Smartphone Devices

Game battle royale usually include heavy games. To play this type of game smoothly, you need a smartphone with high specifications. However, this doesn’t apply to the Free Fire game .

One of the reasons why is because it can be played on almost all smartphone devices . You don’t need to use a gaming smartphone to play this game smoothly. In fact, a smartphone with only 1 GB of RAM can play Free Fire comfortably. It is very light. 

Event Overflow – Free Fire

It is one of the games that hold events the most . Unmitigated, the prizes of every event are tempting. For example, Jigsaw. Players will continue to be motivated to play. At the very least, they will be playing to collect prizes.

Not only in-game events , FreeFire also often holds live events . For those of you who are freebie fans , you can also take part in the event to get free prizes.

Garena Understands Market Tastes

Garena as a developer seems to really understand the needs of the market, especially their loyal players. In creating events , Free Fire does not hesitate to raise local themes for different countries. Evidently, this strategy is able to make this game loved by many players.

That’s all on Free Fire The Reason Why Many Gamers are Playing! Stay tuned for more news and updates!